Shares of the Bolsa Floresta Social and Income are intensified in Mamirauá and Amana

25 September 2009 - On 2009, Bolsa Floresta (Social components, Income, And Family Association) but vai invest R $ 6,7 million units in the Amazon Conservation

For Monick Maciel

Schools, pirarucu Flutuantes handling, ´`ambulanchas (health care) and bajaras are some benefits that the community of RDS and RDS Mamirauá Amanã will soon receive, result of the consolidation of partnerships of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation and local governments of the municipalities located within those protected areas. The shares are set out in Income and Social components of the Bolsa Floresta, que vai Investir, this year, more than R $ 6,7 million units in the Amazon Conservation.

Period not 20 a 23 September, the technical-scientific director of the FAS, João Tezza Neto, accompanied by the coordinators of the Regional Solimões I, Rosival Days, and Logistics, Benjamin Maia, percorreram five municipalities Amazonian: Good Source, Uarini, Maraã, Alvarães and Tefé. According to the director, the mission was important to strengthen partnerships with local governments and to follow up the works of the Bolsa Floresta in UC´s.

“Neste momento, FAS is stepping up actions aimed at the components of the Income and Social Forest Grant Program, aimed at strengthening the supply chain and improving the quality of life of residents of UC´s”, said the technical-scientific director João Tezza.

In Maraã, float will be restored and adapted for the processing of pirarucu (Photo: Benjamin Maia)


In the municipality of Fonte Boa (a 676,51 kilometers from Manaus), Bolsa Floresta features enable investments in three ambulanchas, Floating to reform management of Arapaima and alligator, eleven come down (large canoe for fishing) and fishing kits to residents.


Trabalhadores constroem casa do professor na comunidade do Punã (Maia Benjamim photo)

 In the Puna comuniade, Workers build the tutor at the Center for Sustainability and Conservation (Photo: Benjamin Maia) 

Is also under construction the Center for Sustainability and Conservation, which will house a school and other services, Battle of the Community. The building is modeled on the Center for Sustainability Samuel Benchimol, in Juma, New Aripuanã, that has now become a national reference. The work at the Center is being done with consideration for the hall, and acting mayor, José Suedney, met with employees of FAS to define the actions in the coming days. The delivery of the core is scheduled for April 2010.

Already in Maraã (town hall 632,14 kilometers from Manaus), on 22, a meeting with the mayor and the board Dilmar Santos Avila Fishermen's Colony in the city sketched out some guidelines for the work of floating to the management of Arapaima, valued at U.S. $ 150 a thousand. They also delivered the materials for the construction of floating. Ambulanchas will also be delivered in the city.

No municipality of Uariri (a 564,16 kilometers from Manaus), Also under construction is the Center for Sustainability and Conservation in the community of Puna, work done in partnership with Mayor Francis Togo. Serão entregues aos moradores também três ambulanchas e material de pesca.

In Uarini, Mayor Francis Togo, Tezza and João Dias Rosival (FAS) visit the community(Maia Benjamim photo)

“Esse Núcleo tem um diferencial porque vai trabalhar com o manejo de várzea, fisheries management and probably wood. This Center will change the reality of the residents because it is a heavy investment in youth and adults, in partnership with Seduc (State Department of Education)”, said the coordinator of the Regional Solimões I, Rosival Days. For this type of activity will be used at the Center's research institute Mamirauá.

The FAS team, still on 23, was also in the cities of Alvarães, where meetings were held and delivery kit association (computer, printer, camera and boat) para a sede da Associação de Moradores e usuários da RDS Mamirauá (Amurmam); and Tefé, onde a equipe da FAS reuniu-se com os diretores e técnicos do Instituto Mamirauá, instituição co-gestora da UC e parceira da FAS na execução dos programas do Bolsa Floresta, principalmente do Renda e Social.

De acordo com o coordenador Dias, o corpo técnico do Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá (IdSm), responsável pela área de educação, tem interesse em ser parceiro na implementação do ensino nos Núcleos do Punã e Batalha, principalmente na formação de professores e apoio nos conteúdos complementares.


SAIBA corn:

Até agosto de 2009, the Family Grant Program Floresta atingiu the number of 6.144 families benefited, which represents more than 27,6 a thousand people. Currently, actions are underway in 14 Protected Areas insde the State of Amazonas. A gestão dos serviços ambientais de 35 UC´s estaduais foram delegadas à Fundação.

Components of the Bolsa Floresta

The first component is the Bolsa Floresta Income (BFI) that encourages the inclusion of local production chains sustainable forest products such as oils, brown, wood, fruits, mel e etc.. The investment amount of BFR, average, a R$ 140 Conservation Unit thousand per year.

The second component is the Bolsa Floresta Social (BFS), aimed at improving the quality of life of local communities with investments in education, health, communication and transportation, basic components for the construction of citizenship of the guardians of the forest. The investment amount of BFS, average, a R$ 140 Conservation Unit thousand per year.

O terceiro componente é o Bolsa Floresta Familiar (BFF). It is a monthly reward of R $ 50, paga às mães de famílias residentes nas Unidades de Conservação dispostas a assumir um compromisso com o meio ambiente e o desenvolvimento sustentável, maintaining the forest.

O quarto componente é o Bolsa Floresta Associação (BFA), associations for the residents of Protected Areas to strengthen the organization and social control of the Program. The total investment of BFA, average, R$ 2,4 thousand per month for the residents' association of each conservation area.