Education is a model in the Juma Reserve

3 September 2009 - Visit of the governor of Amazonas and entourage highlights importance of activities at the Center Samuel Benchimol

"If all the Amazon sites inside had one teacher home so it would be easier to bring education to the State". That's how the Amazonas state governor, Eduardo Braga, He referred to the Teacher's Home of the Sustainability Center Samuel Benchimol, the Community Boa Frente Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, the municipality of Novo Aripuanã (a 230 quilômetros de Manaus em linha reta).

No last day 21 August, Governor visited the Center, accompanied by a delegation composed of the State of Amazonas state legislators. During a visit, they visited the whole complex, graduated from the School J.W.. Marriott Jr., Casa Familiar Forest, the Teacher's Home, the Health Post and Base Support Research. The buildings were built with wood taken in own area of ​​Boa Frente community.

The Center School has two classrooms, refectory, cantina, bathrooms, Secretary, internet communications satellite system. Already the Family Forest House serves as housing for students coming to classes alternating, and the health center offers assistance to students and has a microscope provided by the Surveillance and Health Foundation (FVS) for malaria tests, and others.

One of the highlights of the visit to the Center was the visit to the area of ​​agroforestry practices. Visitors were able to see the solar dryer chestnut seeds, which is used to make life easier for Guardians of the Forest. in the nursery, you can also check the seedlings that will be used in practical and distribution to students to increase their clearings.

The Center Samuel Benchimol was built in the most advanced ecological standards. Its wood was all removed and processed with maximum utilization of Community own, rainwater is collected through collecting gutters and stored in tanks for use in five buildings. The power core is acquired by means of photovoltaic panels (solar power panel) and stored in batteries for use guaranteeing 24 hours, if necessary. The sewage treatment plant is something of, because the water returns to the environment with 99% purity and can harness the methane gas for future use as a clean energy source.

During a visit, the party may attend a practice climbing trees to collect seeds. This training to train collectors is a partnership between the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and FAS. The proposal of the Center for Education in Forest, of the principle that the forest is a great classroom and when students learn to collect the seeds they learn subjects like History, Geography, Mathematics, Português, Biologia, among others. "It's a different and pleasant way to learn", said state Rep Joshua Neto, member of the governor's entourage.

In the area of ​​permaculture, the governor saw the importance of having an integrated system for alternative garden forest dwellers. "When we mix the tomatoes with corn this causes a cooperation between the plants improving productivity and reducing the possibility of use of pesticides", said Maurice Adu, FAS agroecology technician.

"It's nice being able to look and see what FAS is doing in Juma", said Governor Eduardo Braga, during a speech in the Community Boa Frente. At the time, Eduardo Braga praised the work of the Foundation for Juma communities buy and put in distributing 28 light engines 7 kva. They were also distributed, through the Association of AMARJUMA, agricultural implements and rabetas engines delivered by the State Government for Juma.