Marriott and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation expand partnership agreement in the Juma Reserve

10 September 2009 - Hotel chain invites guests to contribute U.S. $ 2 order zero deforestation and quality of life of community

The Marriott and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) started, nesta week, a campaign to encourage the direct contribution of the guest in Brazil to finance the implementation of a REDD project (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), in order to stop deforestation and improve the quality of life in communities of Sustainable Development Reserve of Juma, no sul do Amazonas.

Until December 2009, the chains will give guests the opportunity to contribute with R $ 2 during a stay, also choose to donate a larger amount.

April Em 2008, the Marriott has pledged to donate $ 2 million, over four years, to fund an environmental management plan in reserve the Juma Sustainable Development, to be administered by FAS. Now, the company adds more action to the plan, involving the direct participation of guests in Brazil.

The amount raised will be for the FAS, to manage the resources in favor of the Juma Reserve. In addition to climate benefits expected from reducing deforestation, it is expected to generate many social and environmental benefits in the project area, as: Strengthening of environmental monitoring, income generation, community development and payment for environmental services.

The FAS has a set of measures that ensures maximum transparency and accountability to their administrative and financial systems. Their accounting is done by Deloitte, e auditada pela PricewaterhouseCoopers-Brasil, one of the most respected accounting companies in the world.

Participate in the action of the four hotels network in the country: São Paulo Airport Marriott Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro, Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel and Marriott Executive Apartments.

"We understand that doing business is, mandatorily, by calculating their environmental impact and actions to not only compensate him, but they are aimed at preserving natural resources as a whole ", diz Gonzalo Aguillar, Marriott's General Manager in Brazil.

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Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) is a public-private institution, nonprofit, non-governmental and non-partisan political ties, founded on 20 December 2007, through a partnership between the state government of Amazonas and Bradesco. The mission of FAS is to promote the sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement of quality of life of communities living in 35 Protected Areas of the State of Amazonas, in an area of ????more than 16 millions of hectares, through the valuation of environmental services and products. The FAS has the priority to implement the Grant Program Floresta (BFP), which is the first internationally certified project in Brazil to reward traditional and indigenous populations for environmental services provided by forests. For more information, please, visit our website:

Marriott International and its activities in Brazil

Marriott International is a market leader in hospitality, over 3.200 units, in 66 countries and territories. No Brasil, started its operations with the opening of the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel, from 445 apartments, in 5 September 1997. Today, the network has four different hotels in the country flags: JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts; Marriott Hotels, Resorts & Apartments; Renaissance Hotels, Resorts & Suítes e Marriott Executive Apartments, that somam 1.115 apartments and employ more than 1.000 associated. The more than three thousand of Marriott properties around the world follow a philosophy called Spirit of Service, initiatives that provide social and environmental responsibility in the regions where they are installed. No Brasil, only 2008, 81 social activities were conducted, with 1.802 dedicated volunteers 34.043 hours of work for the welfare of the community. Among the initiatives, stands out the program for educating Life, jovens benefiting underserved, and protection program of the Juma Reserve, Amazon, for which Marriott International has pledged to allocate $ 2 million for protection 1,4 million acres of forest.