FAS inaugurates Center for Conservation and Sustainability in the Rio Negro RDS

23 of March of 2010 - Thomas Lovejoy, renomado biologist worldwide, participate in the inauguration

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

For Monick Maciel, FAS

A pedagogy based on traditional knowledge merged with the regular curriculum of schools. This is a hallmark of the Center for Sustainability and Conservation will be inaugurated by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation – FAS, Thursday (day 25), in community Tumbiras, in sustainable development reserve of Rio Negro, in Iranduba (a 25 kilometers from Manaus).

The Center will be delivered to the management of the Ministry of Education (Seduc), FAS partner in this project, and the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development – SDS.

The system is applied to the pedagogy of alternation, who divides his time between school learning and community. This is an innovative proposal that includes a model of education adapted to local realities. The structure is adapted to receive the Tumbiras students and the surrounding communities, addition, students have the opportunity to learn techniques of permaculture, agroecology and agroforestry.

 "The dream of having in the forest an educational proposal that is radically different from anything that we had as a reference in education for the riverside communities in the Amazon. An innovative pedagogical, with a concept that makes the classroom nearest forest. In designing the center we imagine the forest as the main classroom ", reveals the general superintendent of Virgilio Viana.

The core is composed of public school, accommodation for students and teachers (Home Family Floresta and the Professor's House), health center and operational base to support the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. During a week, students are in the accommodation, receiving all necessary support, on weekends and return to their communities. Students have the commitment to their communities the techniques learned in the Core.

The school has capacity to serve approximately 70 students, elementary school (technological) e ProJovem.


The school will be named by the biologist Thomas Lovejoy, one of the most renowned and respected scientists in the world when it comes to conservatism, biodiversity and tropical. Lovejoy, who is also director of the FAS, will be present at the inauguration.

– RDS and the Rio Negro FOREST Grant Program

The RDS of the Rio Negro is located in the cities of New Airão, Iranduba e Manacapuru, totaling an area of 102.978,33 hectares. Atualmente, The RDS has a total of 19 communities, Sendo 469 families are being benefited by the Bolsa Floresta, total number of 1.632 people. A comunipeople Tumbiras, specifically, has 23 families benefited, total number of 73 people.

The RDS was established by decree on 26 December 2008, in order to ensure residents the use of natural resources, prevent land grabbing and speculation due to the construction of the bridge over the river black. The production chain is the timber, fishing and tourism, being their main products are wood plank, lumber, handicraft, skewer and the manufacture of small boats.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) is a public-private institution, nonprofit, non-governmental and non-partisan political ties, founded on 20 December 2007, through a partnership between the state government of Amazonas and Bradesco. The mission of FAS is to promote the sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement of quality of life of communities living in protected areas of the State of Amazonas, in an area of ????more than 10 millions of hectares, through the valuation of environmental services and products. The FAS has the priority to implement the Grant Program Floresta (BFP), which is the first internationally certified project in Brazil to reward people for traditional environmental services provided by forests. For more information, visit our website: www.fas-amazonas.org.br.


OR: Inauguration of the Center for Conservation and Sustainability of the Rio Negro of the RDS.

WHERE: In the community of Tumbiras, in the municipality of Iranduba.

WHEN: Day 25 (Thursday), às 14h.

WHO: Realization of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, in partnership with Seduc.



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