FAS invests more than 70% budget activities in order

22 of May of 2010 - The totality of public resources from the Government of Amazonas, that correspondem to 9,3% budget runs, was intended to Floresta Family Scholarship, which is one of the programs implemented by FAS

Source: FAS

Analysis of the budget of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), with its accounts audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, revealed that 71% budget 2009 was intended to end activities. It is only 24% were invested in activities through.

This fact reveals a high level of commitment of FAS with the pursuit of efficiency, reducing expenditures for general administration and operating cost, says Luiz Villares, superintendent of administrative and financial FAS.

Villares stresses that, in 2009, also completed the acquisition of only the organization's headquarters, which along with other assets, resulted in more 5% disbursements on the budget execution in 2009.

Budget runs, 91% were raised from private partners and only 9,3% was coming from funds from the state government of Amazonas. He ressalta the totality of public resources was allocated to the Floresta Family Scholarship, which is one of the programs implemented by FAS.


Ambulanchas: Bolsa Floresta Social foresees investments in health

The budget 2009 was executed in 96% which shows the commitment of FAS to improving the quality of life of coastal communities and environmental conservation in the Amazon.

Wages of superintendence and FAS employees are located in a level 5% less than that practiced by large non-governmental organizations in Brazil, according to results of a survey conducted in December 2009, promoted by a leading conservation organization working in Brazil, Villares says.

The budget 2009 for investments in the Bolsa Floresta, in its four components (Income, Social, Association and Family), It is $ 7,7 million. As workshops and meetings with the local communities are held in the first half of each year, budget execution is done from July a year (2009) until July of the following year (2010).


Conservation cores: Bolsa Floresta Social invest in education

According presidents of neighborhood associations of protected areas, These investments represent a new and exciting prospect for the future of coastal communities.

"In RDS Uatumã school was built, ambulanchas were purchased to help those bordering on an emergency, on the income we are already working with tank network, and the Bolsa Floresta Family greatly improved the quality of life ", says the president of Association of Communities of RDS Agroextrativista Uatumã, Sebastian Solomon, investors on the Stock Exchange Floresta Program.

See more testimonials in space “Voices of the Forest”, em http://www.fas-amazonas.org/pt/pagina/Vozes-da-floresta.

Beyond the Bolsa Floresta, FAS develops five to Support Programs: Sustainable Production; Health and Education; Surveillance and Monitoring; Management of Protected Areas; and Scientific Development. Within these programs, deserves the partnership with Green Cooperative Manipur (Covema), which benefits the Municipality of brown Manicoré. Through this partnership has achieved a significant increase in the price of brown for the traditional population. In the case of Juma, the price went from $ 4 to R 12 a lata. Another example is a partnership with the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), aiming to improve scientific knowledge about stocks and carbon dynamics in forests of the Amazon.


Support programs and invest in income BF income generation in UC´s

All programs and projects developed by FAS are published on-site www.fas amazonas.org.

The FAS also develops educational programs and institutional cooperation. In partnership with the Secretaries of State for Sustainable Development and Environment (SDS) and Education (Seduc), FAS supported the publication of books to support teachers in public about climate change and forest management.

In partnership with the Government of Mozambique and the funding of institutions of international cooperation, FAS led to Mozambique's experience of the Bolsa Floresta, used as a reference for the National Strategy for Redd that country.

For the year 2010, FAS's budget provides for the expansion of investments in improving the quality of life of coastal communities and environmental conservation in the Amazon. A material fact has been getting support from BNDES, through the Amazon Fund, investments that will support the Bolsa Floresta Program Income and Association.


Empowerment of communities: BF Association provides resources to neighborhood associations

Segundo Virgilio Viana, FAS CEO, BNDES support represents an important achievement for the institution, since it was first to meet all the requirements requested by the rigorous selection process BNDES.

The planning 2010 also provides for investment in continuous improvement of the system management and investment of FAS. Second Villares, will also see an update of the strategic planning of FAS, freely made by Bain&Co.

According to Viana, efforts are being made to enlarge the sources of funding. The strategic goal is to increase investments in improving the income from the management of forest resources, fishing and permaculture. “This is the main strategy for investment in improving the income of coastal communities with which the FAS works”, said.

According to the superintendent of technical-scientific FAS, João Tezza Neto, there are promising projects for increased community income involving forest products non-timber activities, ecotourism, permaculture, Forest management, small livestock, pisciculture, among other.



FAS has the institutional culture of excellence in the search efficiency, ethics and transparency in the management of financial resources. The financial statements and financial and accounting handling of FAS are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the most respected accounting companies in the world.

Audit reports, after being examined by the Supervisory Board of SAP, are subject to approval by the Board of Directors and, then, check the legal and lawful the District Attorney. The rigor of this process reflects the vision of the founders and Board of Directors, that the FAS should be a national and international reference for the management of funds allocated to environmental programs in tropical regions.

All audit reports are published on the institutional website and printed in the annual report with full public disclosure.

The FAS also maintains an Ombudsman in order to collect comments and suggestions that enable the improvement of their activities. Email the Ombudsman is ouvidoria@fas-amazonas.org and the phone is 0800 722 6459.