Project Mosaic REDD Apuí starts

6 of May of 2010 - FAS and SDS organized a second workshop on the project, in community Tumbiras, RDS in the Rio Negro (AM)

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation / FAS

The process of construction of the Project REDD Mosaic Apuí, in the southern state of Amazonas, began on Tuesday (4), with '1ª Project Workshop ', held in the RDS Rio Negro, in community Tumbiras.

The Workshop was organized by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Department of Environment and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (SDS), and was attended by representatives of the State Center for Protected Areas (CEUC), State Center for Climate Change (Ceclima), Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (Idesam) and International Institute for Education in Brazil (EcoABC).

Participants of the workshop, in community Tumbiras (Credit: Edgar Duarte) 

This event was to understand the role and activities of each institution active in Mosaic Apuí, present and discuss the work plan of the Project and the division of roles and responsibilities for the REDD project can be constructed in a participatory manner

The FAS team that participated in the workshop was attended by the superintendent of technical and scientific, João Tezza Neto, the manager of Special Projects, Gabriel Ribenboim, Coordinator of Special Projects, Thais Megid Pinto, Analysts and Special Projects, Victor Salviati and Celly dos Santos.

Mariano Cenamo (Idesam) Natalie e-under (Ceclima) at the event

 "The REDD project Apuí mosaic will be important to establish an instrument to be able to raise resources for the sustainable development and conservation of forests in that area", said the superintendent.

Among other activities, FAS will be up to the executive coordination of REDD project and the preparation and certification of the Project Design Document. Second Gabriel Ribenboim, technical coordinator of the drafting of the Juma REDD, “the experiences we had accumulated during the development phase of the Juma Project will be very important to develop this new project in Mosaic Apuí”.

About Mosaic Apuí *

The Mosaic Apuí is located in the municipalities of Novo Aripuanã Apuí and the Amazon and order a set of contiguous areas comprising various categories of Protected Areas, resulting in a more complete design to conserve the ecosystems in the regions where it is implemented.

The goal of Mosaic is to provide the natural flow of genes and the movement of portions of the biota or semi-natural ecosystems, from the connection between different categories of UC, facilitating, so, dispersal of species and the recolonization of the degraded, as well as, maintaining populations that require, for survival, areas with greater extent than that of the individual units.

With an area of ????approximately 2.46 millions of hectares, The mosaic comprises nine Apuí Conservation Units, and: Four State Forests: Sucunduri, Aripuanã, and do Apuí Manicore; Two State Parks: Guariba do and do Sucunduri; Two Sustainable Development Reserves: Bararati and Aripuanã and Extractive Reserve Guariba.