Bradesco executives visiting the Center for Conservation of Rio Negro

16 the December the 2010 - Executive Board of Banco Bradesco, co-founder and maintainer gives FAS, visiting for the first time the NCS Agnelo Bittencourt, RDS in the Rio Negro

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

Gathered in Manaus for the Cycle Dating Apimec 2010, executives of Banco Bradesco – one of the founders of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), next to the Government of Amazonas – visit tomorrow (17/12) the Center for Conservation and Sustainability Agnelo Uchôa Bittencourt, community Tumbiras (Iranduba / AM), located on Sustainable Development Reserve of Rio Negro.

Vista aérea do NCS Agnelo Bittencourt

Aerial view of the Center for Conservation and Sustainability (photo: Monick Maciel)

Promoted by the bank, the event of the Association of Professional Investor and Capital Markets, held yesterday and today, examined issues related to macroeconomic, economic and financial aspects of Bradesco and sustainability linked to the business of a financial institution. Especially uninvited, FAS presented its actions aimed at supporting coastal communities of the Amazon, highlighting the issue of forest preservation.

These meetings, occurring in several states and meet some of the top executives of Bradesco, aim to disseminate the main events of the Organization with the capital market.

About the Core Conservation and Sustainability

The Center for Conservation and Sustainability has five buildings – school, family home in Forest, the teacher's home, put health and basic operational.

The NSC's mission is to offer a differentiated education focused on the development of human capital in the forests of the Amazon. The teaching methodology adopts a pedagogical innovation in order to deploy a model of education adapted to local realities, based on the appreciation of natural and sociocultural potentiality of the region.

On the FAS – Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) is a public-private institution, nonprofit, non-governmental, non-partisan political ties, founded on 20 December 2007, through a partnership between the state government of Amazonas and Bradesco.

The mission of FAS is to promote the sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement of quality of life of communities living in protected areas of the State of Amazonas, in an area of ????more than 10 millions of hectares, through the valuation of environmental services and products.

The FAS has the priority to implement the Grant Program Floresta, which is the first internationally certified project in Brazil to reward people for traditional environmental services provided by forests.