Grant Program Floresta benefit from more 7.2 thousand families in 15 conservation units in the AM

23 the December the 2010 - Preliminary Balance of the year 2010 reveals that the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation has earmarked U.S. $ 12,5 million in direct investments for the implementation of Bolsa Floresta and their Support Programs. Management Report 2010 with the consolidated balance sheet will be released in March 2011

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in preliminary balance of its activities in 2010, reported that over 7,2 thousand families are being benefited by the Bolsa Floresta program in 15 protected areas of the Amazon. E but R $ 12,5 million was invested for the implementation of Bolsa Floresta and their Support Programs. The consolidated balance sheet and audited by independent auditors PwC will be released in March 2011, publication of Annual Report 2010 the institution.


Leaders of neighborhood associations and staff during FAS Leadership Meeting in Rio Negro RDS (Photo: Thais Megid)

"Among the main achievements of FAS is the process of growth and continuous improvement of the Bolsa Floresta, started the year with 6,3 thousand families benefited and we are ending the year with more than 7,2 thousand families assisted by the Program, which represents more than 32 thousand people", Afirma Virgilio Viana, General Superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.

The implementation of the PBF is on schedule, and all families with the Program requirements (necessary documentation) are receiving regular. The evaluation is positive GMP also benefited by the EU, as can be seen in the three meetings of Leaders of Associations of Conservation Units held by the institution during the year. The statements are available on video on the Internet at


The monitoring of PBF is done in real time. The planning of activities in protected areas where the program is implemented is sent at the beginning of the year to the Secretary of State for Sustainable Development (SDS) and a message to update the agenda is sent every three months. The coordination of planning allows all field activities are accompanied by experts in the SDS / CEUC. The monthly information on the progress of the PBF are sent to the Secretary of State for Planning and Economic Development (Seplan) and made available to the general public, through e-Follow (

The TR is composed of four components, they are: Bolsa Floresta Income (BFI) – encourages sustainable production; Bolsa Floresta Social (BFS) – invests in education, health, transportation and communication in protected areas; Bolsa Floresta Family (BFF) – benefits the families involved in the reduction of deforestation; Forest and Scholarship Association (BFA) – assists in strengthening neighborhood associations and promotes the social control of the program.

Bolsa Floresta Social – ambulanchas streamlines medical care to riparian

Bolsa Floresta Income – boat for transport of produce

Bolsa Floresta Association – Presidents and representatives of associations attended the BFA component (Photo: Edgar Duarte)


Bolsa Floresta Family – Beneficiaries of the program during a meeting conducted by FAS

The implementation of all components has been done on schedule and program rules. This is the case of BFA, that depends on the formalization of neighborhood associations, This does not occur simultaneously. Not total, invested R $ 1,6 million in BFR, R$ 1,44 million in BFS, R$ 460 mil no BFA and R $ 4,122 million in BFF. Was invested R $ 4,87 million in programs Support PBF, investments where they are inserted in the Nucleus of Conservation and Sustainability and infrastructure in communities. Not total, budget execution in the FAS 2010 faith 94%. All transfers made by FAS are subject to the accountability required under Brazilian law accounting.

Support Programs – Investments in the Nucleus of Conservation and community infrastructure (photo: Monick Maciel)


Another highlight of the year 2010 was the partnership between FAS and the company Samsung, providing for investment in construction and maintenance of a Center for Conservation and Sustainability in the Area of ????Environmental Protection (APA) Rio Negro, Support programs to support the UC Scholarship Floresta; and also, payment of Floresta Family Scholarship for 100 families of the reserve from this donation. The APA Black River became part of the conservation units served by the PBF in the year 2010, this was a request from the SDS, based on a claim of the residents and an identification of priority by SDS / CEUC.

On 2010, FAS has also initiated the implementation of resources from the Amazon Fund / BNDES, allowing families served by PBF receive additional support for the components of income generation and partnerships.

No domestic purposes, the strong performance of the council and the entry of Governor Omar Aziz on the Board, sworn in last year's meeting, were also essential to strengthen the institutional governance.


The positive balance of the year closed with the completion of aº Forest Music Festival – "Floresta Fest", pioneering event that has been very successful in bringing together performers from the Amazon and its deep songs about everyday subjects contemplated the Amazonian population and their cultural. The second edition, in 2011, has been confirmed.

For the year 2011, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation's main goals to keep improving and expanding the Bolsa Floresta program in protected areas of the State, well as expand and strengthen partnerships with national and international, to improve the quality of life of the guardians of the forest.

About the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) is a public-private institution, nonprofit, non-governmental, founded on 20 December 2007, through a partnership between the state government of Amazonas and Bradesco.

With the mission to promote the sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement of quality of life for residents of conservation areas in the State of Amazonas, through the valuation of environmental services and products, FAS has the priority and implement Floresta Stock, largest program of payment for environmental services in the world, recognizing the role of traditional populations for conservation of the Amazon rainforest.