Bolsa Floresta benefits of extractive populations RDS Rio Madeira

3 de February de 2011 - Extractive activity in Sustainable Development Reserve of Rio Madeira has received £ 200 mil incentive of Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) since last year

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

Por Felipe de Paula

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), via the Floresta Grant Program Income, no day realizou 12 January delivery of two dryers for processing cocoa community Ze-John, located Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Madeira River, located between the municipalities of Borba, Manicoré and Novo Aripuanã (Amazonas / Brazil).

Evaldo Corrêa (the branco) Dryer shows brown

No ano de 2010, a FAS, through the Bolsa Floresta, invested in the RDS Rio Madeira over $ 200 mil somente Make no component. Agricultural equipment have been delivered in 37 communities of booking and will still be delivered over four dryers cocoa until April this year. Among the materials beneficiation, dryers are cocoa, Trimmer, motor-pump, Hoses, and others.

Edvaldo Correa, Regional coordinator of the Rio Madeira RDS, Gain community speaks with cocoa dryer. "Before the farmer dried cocoa outdoors, sujeito às weather (rain) and predatory animals. Now, with this dryer, the producer may offer a better quality product and consequently, value-added ", explains Edvaldo.

Materials delivered to the Rio Madeira RDS

A resident of the Wood RDS, Queiroz Pinto has Waldenor 10 cacau hectares of planted, of which only six are already producing, other produce from next year. The estimate is that Queiroz Pinto produces around four tonnes of cocoa this year. With the support of Exchange Income Floresta, it can expand its production. Waldenor talks about the importance of the Bolsa Floresta for extractive populations and praises program. "The Bolsa Floresta is a serious program, which has greatly helped the agent, which is poor farmer and hopefully further help these communities ", says producer.

About the Stock Floresta

The Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP) is the first internationally certified project in Brazil to reward and improve quality of life of traditional people for the maintenance of environmental services provided by tropical forests, reducing deforestation and enhancing the forest.

It has 4 components:

Bolsa Floresta Income – support and motivate sustainable production.

Bolsa Floresta Social – investments in health, education, transportation and communication.

Bolsa Floresta Association – strengthening the association and social control of the program.

Bolsa Floresta Family – involvement of families in reducing deforestation.