Residents decide location of the Conservation and Sustainability Center

25 de February de 2011 - The Centers for Conservation and Sustainability predict a school model focused on the needs of traditional communities in the Amazon.

Source: Felipe de Paula / Office of Communications / FAS

Núcleo de Conservação e Sustentabilidade do Tumbira 

Conservation and Sustainability Center model (NCS do Tumbira)

riverside communities of representatives of the Environmental Protection Area of ​​Rio Negro decided yesterday afternoon (day 24/02), at the general meeting held at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Manaus-AM, the community where will be built the new Conservation and Sustainability Center on the left bank of the Rio Negro. it was chosen, the easy access to other communities in protected areas, the community Three States.

The general meeting was attended by representatives of the left bank of Rio Negro communities and representatives of the State of Amazonas Government (SDS / CEUC), as well as residents of the State of Rio Negro Sector South Park.

According to the president of the Association of Residents of Community Three States, Waldemir da Silva, it is a very important moment, EJ, he said, educational demand in the region has existed for years. "It's not just a dream of the community Three States being carried out, but a dream of all the communities of the Rio Negro APA and Park (Rio Negro State), that may put their children and grandchildren in school ", celebrates.

According to the general superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, Virgilio Viana, the work must be built with local labor, and work will begin in early March, with completion forecast for the second half of 2011. Virgil also highlights the climate of union that followed the end of the discussion. "This is very important because it strengthens the spirit and FAS belief that we need to fight hard for the union of the people, the union of all for the sake of sustainability of the Amazon, Brazil and the planet ", said

Conservation and Sustainability Center

The Centers for Conservation and Sustainability are part of the support programs at the Bolsa Floresta, managed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, and provide for a school model focused on the needs of traditional communities in the Amazon.

"The challenge is to ensure that education is a reality processing agent, so we have not only the eradication of extreme poverty and an increase in quality of life, but also a way of making forest conservation standing is something good for people ", Declare Virgílio Viana.

The Centers for Conservation and Sustainable structures are composed of five: school, family home in Forest, the teacher's home, health center and operational base of the Bolsa Floresta.