Challenge of forest conservation is discussed in a workshop at the World Forum for Sustainability

25 of March of 2011 - Event was attended by Paulo Moutinho and moderation of the superintendent-general of FAS, Virgilio Viana

Source: Advisor to the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

The challenge of forest conservation and sustainable development proposals were discussed during the workshop "Preservation of Forests", today (day 25), No 2º World Forum Sustentabilidade, which was attended by the director general of the Environmental Research Institute of the Amazon (IPAM), Paulo Moutinho, and moderation of the general superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Virgilio Viana.

Paulo Moutinho spoke of the importance of combating deforestation in the Amazon, through good practices and mechanisms of successful sustainable development. "To speak of conservation of forests is talking about deforestation. In the current context, this may be the opportunity for Brazil to leverage its low-carbon economy ", said.

Virgilio Viana spoke of the importance to make the forest worth more standing than cut down. "I can not sustain Amazon unable to withdraw funds with the standing forest. And the business community plays a key role in stimulating the green economy ".

A Christian atriz Torloni, that was one of the workshop participants, with your professional colleague and partner in the project Amazonia Forever, Victor Fasano, spoke of the importance of education as transforming the culture of pollution and suggested the inclusion of a new discipline in the Brazilian formal education. “Why we do not include the issue of sustainability in education? So, she was no longer an abstract concept and becomes part of people's lives”, said.

Seminars conducted by and promoted by LIDE – Leaders Group Empresariais-, Global Sustainability Forum will be attended by business leaders, policies, environmental protection practices and successful mechanisms for sustainable development world. A highlight of the Forum will be presentations by former U.S. president, Bill Clinton; the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, and experts in the area.