FAS, Government of Amazonas and Group Sugarloaf close partnership for development of production chains in the state

26 of March of 2011 - In order to develop the chain of sustainable Amazon products, such as the Brazil nut, acai and arapaima, […]

Source: Office of Communication - Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

In order to develop the chain of sustainable Amazon products, such as the Brazil nut, acai and arapaima, was signed today (26/03) a mutual cooperation agreement between the Group Sugar Loaf, State Government of Amazonas and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS). The agreement was signed at the end of World Forum on Sustainability, made no Hotel Tropical, in Manaus (AM-Brazil), from 24 a 25 March.

partnership FAS, Government and Pao de Acucar (alex pazuello)

Representatives of FAS, Sugar Loaf and the State Government sign agreement (photos: Alex Pazuello)

The Government of Amazonas, through state departments of Rural Production (Sepror), Environment and Sustainable Development (SDS), the Agency for Sustainable Development of Amazonas (ADS) and Development Institute of Agriculture and Forests of the Amazon (IDAM), will hand technique and articulation of government actions aimed at sustainable production pirarucu, acai and Brazil nut-.

Among the responsibilities of FAS in the agreement is to maintain a commitment to investment in the Bolsa Floresta, that stimulates the generation of income through the sustainable production in Conservation Units of the State, in addition to liaison with local communities to develop infrastructure, training and direct contact with buyers.

Superintendent-geral FAS, Virgilio Viana, signing the agreement

"Partnering with Sugar Loaf culminates in a work that is one of the principles and objectives of the Foundation which is disintermediation with value added of the recovery channels and flow of production of protected areas", says the chairman of the Board of FAS and former Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (2003 a 2007), Luiz Fernando Furlan.

The document also states that it will be the Group Sugarloaf increase purchases of pirarucu, that, in 2010, was only five tons, by means give 60 tons of fish sold by the network. It will also identify the GPA products from the Amazon that the supermarket chain markets and make sure they meet social and environmental criteria.

 The representative of the Group Sugar Loaf, Paulo Pompilio, speaks of the enthusiasm and confidence of the group before the partnership: "We believe in the potential and quality of Amazon Products, hence the importance we attach to this agreement with the Government of Amazonas, through their secretariats, and FAS, so we can create value for the chain, ensuring the distribution of products in all our stores ", said.

To the governor, Omar Aziz, the partnership illustrates their importance before the distribution capacity of the largest retail network in Brazil. "There are over 60 stores in Brazil and it is very important. This partnership will bring quality to the product that will go to the shelf, so we are able to add value and generate income for our families ", said.