Monitoring Program is presented by FAS

4 of July of 2011 - The first results of the training for the community forest monitoring were chosen by Google as a reference of the array technology

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

The first meeting of the Working Group on Community Forest Monitoring (Forest Community Monitoring Working Group), organized by Google, through its program Google, occurred on days 20 until 21 de junho em Washington DC, U.S..

The group aims to bring together various sector institutions, non-governmental, academic and private sectors to stimulate discussion on community forest monitoring at the national and international.

FAS, from the coordinator of the International Program, Gabriel Ribenboim and GIS coordinator, Rafael Valente, participates in the group between institutions as: International Institute for Environment and Development, Jane Goodall Institute, Forest Trends, Global Programme cannopy, Washington University, Idesam, etc.

The first working meeting, Gabriel Ribenboim presented Deforestation Monitoring Program Bolsa Floresta and the first results of local monitoring workshop in Sustainable Development Reserve of Juma (RDS Juma) in May. Was also discussed experiences related to the topic conducted in other countries, as: Guiana, Tanzania and Uganda.

The FAS Monitoring Program is part of a group of foundation initiatives in environmental education and use cell phones with Android operating platform, developed by Google, questionnaires and digital ODK (Open Data Kit) – set of tools developed by Professor University of Washington, Gaetano Borriello, which allows the creation of forms and collation of data collected in the field monitoring. Com o Google Fusion Tables, these data can be specialized, analyzed and published.

Community Juma cell uses to forest monitoring

This arrangement allows the FAS and Community, through the cell, collect and store data, photos, videos and geographical location of the foci of deforestation. Once collected,the data is sent automatically by telephone or internet to a server and analyzed by FAS team in partnership with the Institute of Man and Environment in the Amazon(Imazon) – Foundation's main partner in the analysis of satellite data for change in land use in protected areas benefited by the Bolsa Floresta – for appropriate action.

The experience of FAS with this arrangement technology was chosen to demonstrate a case of community forest monitoring and the results of the first trainings with communities can be viewed at the link, which will be updated constantly:

According to Gabriel Ribenboim "in times when many techniques as political issues on forest monitoring are evolving, Google this initiative is an excellent opportunity for institutions working with forest communities can express their experiences, difficulties and results, actively contributing to an overall improvement in these activities.”

Most experiments showed the need for adjustments in software, apparatus weather resistant, more powerful batteries and chargers solar more affordable. Rebecca Moore, director of Google, stressed the importance of the group to guide the development of free applications and equipment suitable for monitoring Community.