FAS campaign celebrates Arbor Day

23 September 2011 - Shares in Manaus and Sao Paulo drew attention to the importance of trees in everyday life

Source: Communication FAS

The campaign "Everyone likes to shadow, but few care for the trees” again called attention to the importance of sustainability actions in our day to day. To celebrate Arbor Day, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) promoted activity in the State School Canon de Azevedo, in Manaus, Vila Lobos Park and not, in Sao Paulo, on 21 September.

The campaign features image of the shadow of tree, placed next to a stem, draws attention to the consequences of deforestation. With this, The Foundation aims to bring a little more information about their work to conserve this region of the Amazon.

Shadows drew attention to the importance of nature in everyday life (Communication / FAS)

In Manaus, the initiative of students met the FAS 5° year elementary school, presenting lessons and learning about the natural cycles that depend on trees to be executed. The intention is to continue with the policy approaches and Foundation School, through conversations and dialogues with students about the environment and community.

School students Canon de Azevedo pose for photo (Communication / FAS)

"Every time we open the door to important programs such, we are sure that we invest in stocks efficient education. Students and teachers we perfectly understand the message ", Miranda said Sheila, school director.


Campaign in Brazil to the world

The campaign presented in Brazil will be exposed in Durban, South Africa, in November this year, happens when the United Nations Conference on Climate Change – COP 17. T, films and the effect on social networking site may be accompanied by FAS www.fas-amazonas.org.br, profiles or by officers of the foundation on the Internet www.twitter.com / FasAmazonas until www.facebook.com / fasamazonas.

A video about the campaign in its entirety is available at www.youtube.com/user/fasamazonas#p/u/22/Hd2-fiG3tOo.