Seminar: "Green Economy in the Amazon: Challenges and Opportunities Towards Rio + 20"

26 of October of 2011 - Check the schedule of the workshop which starts on Thursday, day 27

Source: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

Today 27 October, internationally recognized sustainability experts will be in Manaus discussing challenges and potential improvements to be proposed at the Rio + 20,  a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Participants may give lectures and panels from 8am, no Hotel Quality, The sodium. Mario Ypiranga, 1.090, Adrianople. 

Check out the full program:

Data: 27 October 2011

Schedule: 8h às 18h30m

Local: Hotel Quality

Address: By. Mario Ypiranga, 1.090 (Old Recife) – Neighborhood Adrianople – Manaus – AM

Target: Examine the opportunities and challenges for the green economy and discuss the current development model of the Amazon, facing the challenges of global climate change and discussions towards Rio 20.



08h00 às 08h20 - Accreditation 

08h20 às 08h30m – Read the text of welcome made by technicians SUFRAMA

8h30m às 8h50m – Opening: Senator Eduardo Braga




08h50m – Composition of the Board / Checking the lectures in the media

Moderator Panel 1

Denis Minev, Chief Financial Officer of Flat and Fogás, BA in Economics and Master in Latin American Studies from Stanford University, MBA pela Wharton School, former Secretary of Economic Planning and Development of Amazonas and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation advisor.

Rapporteur of the Panel 1

Bruno Boni de Oliveira, President do Instituto Eco Amazônia. Bachelor in Economics from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC – RJ, with strong experience in development and socio-economic projects in the Amazon.




09h às 09h20m

Lecture 1 – "Planning and management of public policies for the consolidation of green economy in the state of Amazonas". Marcelo Lima, Secretary for Planning and Economic Development of the State of Amazonas; Master of Laws from the University of Santa Catarina (UFSC); MBA in Law, Economics and Business from Fundação Getulio Vargas / RJ.


09h20m às 09h40m

Lecture 2 – "As companies of the Industrial Pole of Manaus may contribute to the development of green economy". Wilson Perico, Chairman of the industry center of the State of Amazonas – CIEAM, Diretor industrial da Thomson, Electronic Technologist and graduated in economics from the University Mackenzie.


09h40m às 10h

Lecture 3 – “REDD no Brasil: a focus Amazon ". Bernard J. Smid, Supervisor of Public Policy at the Institute of Environmental Research in Amazonia – IPAM, Master in International Trade by the Munich Business School, Germany, MBA in Foreign Trade and International Negotiations by the Getulio Vargas, until  specialization in the environment by HafenCity University Hamburg, e o International Carbon Action Partnership.


10h às 10h20m

Lecture 4 – "PPPs e Concessões – The experience of other regions applied to the Amazon ". Fernando Albino, founding member of Lawyers Associated Albino. PhD in Economic Law from USP and PUC, Master in Tax Law from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo – PUC / SP and a LL.M. from New York University.


10h20m às 10h40m

Lecture 5 – "The green economy organization of production and socio-biodiversity of the Amazon. Roberto Vizentin,  Secretary of Extraction and Sustainable Rural Development Ministry for the Environment – MMA; Agronomist at the Federal University of Mato Grosso; PhD student in Agroecology, Sociology and Sustainable Rural Development, University of Cordoba stripping, Spain.


10h40m às  11h

Lecture 6 – “HRT: The challenges of the oil and gas for a Sustainable Amazonas. "Jose Paulo Kastrup, Manager Sustainability and External Relations of HRT Oil and Gas. Master in International Environmental Law from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA; MBA in Business Management in the Oil and Gas Sector in the Brazilian Petroleum Institute – IBP.


11h às 11h30m – Debates

11h30m à 12h – Synthesis  and Conclusões



12h  às 14h – Lunch




14h – Composition of the Board / Checking the lectures in the media – Panel Moderator 02.

Moderator: Neliton Brands, Agronomist from the Federal University of Amazonas, Master in Biological Sciences (Botany) National Institute of Amazonian Research – INPA, and Ph.D. in Agricultural Entomology at the School of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz – ESALQ / USP.


Rapporteur: Roberto Vámos – Managing Director of the Brazil / S – Solutions in Sustainability; Content Director of the World Forum for Sustainability; Representante no Brasil do The Climate Reality Project. Master in Environmental Management from Yale University and an expert on corporate sustainability, researcher on the value of environmental goods and services.




14h10m às 14h30m

Lecture 1 – “ Preliminary conclusions of the process of national dialogue on green economy ". Aron Belinky, Coordinator of International Projects, Vitae Civilis, Specialist in Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, degree in Geography at USP and Public Administration from FGV-SP.


14h30 às 14h50m

Lecture 2 – "The green economy in the perspective of international institutions." Steve Bass, Green Economy, International Institute for Environment and Development – IIED. MSc in Forestry and its Relation to Land Management, Oxford University, Master of Science in Forestry from the University of Oxford.


14h50m 15h10m

Lecture 3 – "The green economy in view Amazon." Virgilio Viana, General Superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation – FAS; PhD in Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and Post Doctoral Program in Sustainable Development from the University of Florida.


15h10 às 15h30m

Lecture 4 – "A green economy: The Brazilian perspective on international negociações ". André Corrêa do Lago, Ambassador. Chief Negotiator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Rio Conference + 20.


15h30 às 15h50m – Intervalo e coffee break


16h50m às 16h10m

Lecture 5 – "The PIM in the context of the Rio-92: opportunities. " José Alberto da Costa Machado, Coordinator Research Society, Environment and Health, National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA); Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Analysis, Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM); Ph.D. in Social and Environmental Development, MS in Systems Engineering and Computing (1990), Graduated in Business Administration.


16h10m às 16h30m

Lecture 6 – "Science, technology and innovation for the green economy: the role of international cooperation ". Adalberto Val, Director of INPA, Post-doctorate at the University of British Columbia in Canada.


16h30m às 16h50m

Lecture 7 – “A green economy and communities of the Amazon: challenges and prospects ". Carlos Gabriel Koury, Executive Secretary Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas – IDESAM;  Forest Engineer, Specialist in Tropical Forest Science.


16H50 as 17h 20m – "The green economy for all: Development, climate change and environmental services in the Amazon ". Joao Henrique Souza Talocchi, Coordinator  State Center for Climate Change – CECLIMA, BS in Biological Sciences from USP.


17h20m às 17h40m – Closure: Governor of Amapá – Camilo Capiberibe.


17h40m às 18- Debates

18h às 18h30 – Synthesis  and Conclusões


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