Fundação Amazonas VII Encontro Sustentável made of community leaders

14 of May of 2012 - Event is an opportunity to exchange experiences to improve management of the Bolsa Floresta program in partnership with associations


The Seventh Meeting of Leaders of Associations Representatives of the Conservation Units of the Bolsa Floresta, Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) ended its activities on Thursday, day 10 de maio, reinforcing its importance as a space to exchange experiences to improve management of the Bolsa Floresta program in partnership with associations.

During the four days, evaluated the progress of the program and discussed the necessary improvements with the goal of continuous improvement program, so that it can reflect the wishes of the beneficiaries.

“The meeting has four main objectives: facilitate dialogue straight to the constant improvement of the Bolsa Floresta; be an opportunity for continuous training of leaders; allow direct contact with leaders of public managers and top-tier decision makers, it would be very difficult in other circumstances; and finally empower leaders for dialogue with other instuições, including project formulation”, Virgilio Viana explains, FAS CEO.

Conducted in partnership with the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development (SDS), The meeting was held at the Training Center Laura Vicuna, located at Avenida André AraUjo, 2230, Alexios neighborhood, and lasted four days.

? a great opportunity to be face to face authorities exposing our situation and our problems. And here we learn, especially, it is not enough just to speak, vestments that agir”, evaluates Marinho Ludernilce, Fiscal Council of the Association of RESEX Catuá-Ipixuna.

Ludenilce Marinho, the Resex Catuá-Ipixuna (FAS)

According Valcleia Solidade, Coordination of Stock Geral Floresta, it is clear that leaders are better prepared to each meeting, more empowered to demand improvements and evaluate the program's actions.

“The highlight this year was the very broad and rich content programming. The leaders enjoyed the presence of TCE, whose advisor explained the Court's role in the control of public accounts, and the tables on income generation”, observed.

Implemented by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), PBF is the largest program Payment for Environmental Services (PES) World extension, covering an area equivalent to Portugal. The program reaches over 35 thousand people 569 communities in various regions of the Amazon, from communities near the capital Manaus, even those located deep in the Amazon.