Sponsoring schools in Amazonas: innovative model of sustainable human development

14 September 2012 - With only $ 25,00 monthly, Sponsors can directly help in the formation of children within the Amazon


Suas Unindo expertises, o ChildFund Brasil ?? Fundo para Crianças e a Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) cast on 13 September, Thursday, Sponsorship program for Schools, na Federação das IndUstrias do Estado do Amazonas (FIEAM), during the regular meeting of the board.

At the time, superintendent or FAS, Virgilio Viana and National Director of ChildFund Brazil, Gerson Pacheco were present to promote an innovative and sustainable human development for the benefit of children and adolescents in the state of Amazonas. This strategic alliance invests in future generations to conserve the forest and its environmental assets.

The program will work as follows: people interested in supporting the initiative could sponsor schools riverside communities in the interior of Amazonas, through a monthly contribution of $ 25.00 (won and cinco reais). The donation is earmarked for a fund that will be applied in meeting the needs of these schools, as well as teacher training and preparation of didactic material adapted to the reality of the place, helping improve the quality of education of children riverine, in hard to reach areas.

Ao apadrinhar uma escola também estaremos beneficiando toda a comunidade. We believe this way, children can develop and become adults capable of driving positive and sustainable change in their own lives and community, além de agregar valor social e ambiental do seu apadrinhador”, explains Virgilio Viana.

With a monthly donation, Godfather also contributes to civic education and aware of children living in socially vulnerable in the region. Upon receipt of this opportunity, they become healthy adults, and conservative defenders of the rich natural resources of the Amazon.

Solemnity release Sponsor a School in Amazonas

For Gerson Pacheco program Sponsorship of Schools in Amazon contribute to civic education and awareness of these children, work that the Children in Brazil, ha performs 46 years, approximately 220 thousand people benefited, and more than 140 thousand are children, adolescents and young.

To ensure program effectiveness, The sponsor will receive a periodic statement with accountability of the actions taken and illustrative photos. The donor may become godfather at a school site www.apadrinheamazonas.org.br or by phone 0300 313 2003 (local connection).

Those interested can also become sponsors of schools during an event to launch the program in FIEAM. More information can be obtained by calling 0300 313 2003 or by e-mail apadrinhamento@childfundbrasil.org.br