RDS Uacari wins Core Conservation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship support

16 September 2013 - Aa 7 days by boat from Manaus, Booking earns core support entrepreneurship course that will host first in Brazil

Center was built in Bauana community, RDS Uacari | Photo: Alberto Cesar Araújo/FAS

A partnership between FAS (FAS), Center for Technological Education of Amazonas (Cetam) and Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development (SDS) take you to the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Uacari a course pioneered in Brazil. Result of a demand from own community, Technical Course in Sustainable Production in Protected Areas will be released the next day 14 September, with the conservation nucleus and Support Sustainable Entrepreneurship Bauana, construído pela FAS em parceria com a HRT ?Oil and Gas.

The action is the result of a partnership between FAS, Cetam, State Center Conservação Units (CEUC / SDS), Municipal Prefeitura Carauari, Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity (ICMBio), Association of Rural Producers Carauari (Asproc), Residents Association RDS Uacari (AMARU) and National Council of tappers (CNS).

The technical course in Sustainable Production has a new format and curriculum structure distinct from traditional. Will be over a thousand hours of classroom facing major economic potential of the Middle Juruá, as rubber, flour, wood, Andiroba oils, pirarucu, vine-shit, turtles, alligators, for example.

The activity will be divided into modules, intensively by highly qualified teachers. At the end of the course, students must prepare business plans to develop the different production chains.

The president of the Association of Residents of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Uacari, Almires Gondim, highlights that the course meets a demand Community, born of the need to improve production and generate income.

? a great opportunity for all residents of the RDS and Resex (Extractive reserves) Juruá. One such course is in great demand by the municipal (Carauari-AM). Everybody wins, which rises in açaizeiro, which fishing. And our families mostly.”, comments.

Center for Conservation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Support

The headquarters of the course is the core Bauana, which was built over two years on the right bank of the river Juruá, por meio de uma parceria entre FAS e HRT ?Oil and Gas. The space has two classrooms and a modern computer lab, equipped with eight computers connected to the internet.

To overcome the period of ebb in Rio Juruá, impeding the transit of vessels for four months, were built accommodation for students and Teachers Village. Together the three houses designed for teachers is one Research Base and support for Technological Innovation, that can be used by researchers from institutions related to the environment, as schools and universities.
The core also has cafeteria, a games room, and a multipurpose space, which will serve as an auditorium for events and gatherings.
The general superintendent of the FAS, Virgilio Viana, explains that the entire structure is connected with the world Juruá, something that seemed impossible when one speaks of Conservation Units (CUs) more difficult to access in the State.

? an education center in the woods, but connected to the most important centers of scientific and technological knowledge of the Amazon, Brazil and the world. It took nearly two years to make this dream a reality, in one of the great Amazon wins”, declares.

RDS Uacari

RDS is one of Uacari 15 CUs met the Bolsa Floresta, a program of payment for environmental services recognized internationally oriented income generation, improving quality of life and strengthening community. Today is 1.545 persons named in the booking, distributed 30 communities. In total numbers, are 306 families that help protect 632.949 hectares, distant seven days by boat from Manaus.