FAS and lead CETAM course biojewelry the RDS Mamirauá

3 September 2013 - Class 30 Community received certificates; follow courses in Conservation Units (CUs) served by GMP

Atividades sustentáveis ganharão apoio em UCs do Bolsa Floresta | Photo: Francisca Souza/FAS

Held between 12 until 17 August the course of making jewelry Amazon, offered to residents of the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá. Result of a partnership between FAS (FAS), o Centro de Educação Tecnológica do Amazonas (CETAM) Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Sustainable Development of Amazonas (IDAM), the initiative had its 30 vacancies filled entirely.

The course aims to present techniques to produce garments using regional raw material, found in mostly in forest. Made by hand, biojewelry allow the use of wood, seeds and vines, which are converted into rings, bracelets, cords, toys and other utensils. The intention is to promote an increase in direct income communities, with small costs of raw materials and labor.

The course was supported by City of Good Source, the Women's Movement of RDS Mamirauá, Association of Residents and users of RDS Mamirauá (AMURMAM) and do Centro Conservação State Units (CEUC).

“For us the course was a success. ? the first time we have a course like this and the results were seen at our festival, in the municipal [Good Source]. Sell ????and our product has been exposed. New and experienced gained in every way”, Soares said Creusa Birth, community resident Cuiabá, in reserve.

Courses in Protected Areas

The CETAM has taken several courses for the Conservation Units (CUs) served by the Bolsa Floresta (BFP). Seven cores Conservation and Sustainability (CSCs) across the state, sheltering capabilities in various areas ranging from sustainable tourism development. Information is available to managers of the cores, at www-fas-amazonas.org, or phone 0800 722 6459.