FAS leads Brazil to Provinha Units Conservação (CUs) Bag of Floresta

27 September 2013 - Program of Education and Health Foundation applies evidence in six UCs, in partnership with local governments

Students between eight and ten answered questions reading and math | Photo: Luiza Viana

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) applied in six protected areas served by the Bolsa Floresta (BFP) a Provinha Brasil, between April and September this year. Near 660 students in multigrade classes, between eight and ten years, answered questions in reading and mathematics, that come into play 100 different communities. The application of evidence is part of a preliminary study on childhood literacy in the Amazon.

Participated in the initiative Sustainable Development Reserves (RDSs) Cujubim, Mamirauá, Rio Negro, Juma, Uatumã and State Forest (Flores) Maués. The application of evidence was supported by the municipal education Iranduba, Itapiranga, Jutaí, Maués, New Aripuanã, Presidente Figueiredo and San Sebastian Uatumã and Uarini.

The goal is to generate indices of children's literacy, identifying the main difficulties presented by the students, explains the pedagogical supervisor of FAS, Nathália Flowers. “The idea is that the data become subsidies for the development of specific strategies, assisting in strengthening the educational processes of each locality”, out.

Developed by the Ministry of Education (MEC), It came to Brazil is an evaluation tool for the level of literacy of children enrolled in the second year of schooling of Brazilian public schools.

Program of education and health

The Education Program and FAS of Health has taken several actions to improve the quality of life within the state. Today, They are seven cores Conservation and Sustainability (CSCs) built in UCs attended by the Bolsa Floresta. They are also carried out actions aimed at riverside Health, through the enhancement of early childhood. More informations!