riverside leaders gather in London to discuss Bolsa Floresta

18 the November the 2013 - XI Meeting of GMP Leadership brings together community and institutions to discuss progress and challenges in 15 units Conservação

Community meeting to the XI Meeting of Leaders | Photo: Bruno Kelly/FAS

Community Leaders 15 Conservation Units (CUs) will be between days 18 until 22 Manaus in participating in the XI Meeting of Leaders of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP). The meeting aims to assess and improve the implementation of methodologies Program, gathering around 40 community leaders, public agencies, environmental institutions and the Navy of Brazil. The opening took place on the morning of Monday (18), in Maromba Training Center, Center of Zona Sul and Manaus.

Present at the ceremony the general coordinator of the PBF, Valcléia Solidade, the holder of the Secretariat of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development (SDS), Kamila Amaral, o coordenador do Centro Estadual de Unidades de Conservação (CEUC), Antônio Witkoski and the coordinator of the State Center for Climate Change (Ceclima), Luiz Henrique Piva.

The Leadership Meeting is an opportunity to promote institutional integration between Foundation, partners and community associations of CUs, as well as discuss jointly the federal public policies, state and city to improve the quality of life of reserves.

? an opportunity for us to give voice to community, who are primarily responsible for looking after the place where they live. It is they who dictate the course of the Bolsa Floresta, the program revolves around them. ? muito importante termos todos aqui presentes para ouvi-los”, Valcleia says Solidade, general coordinator of the PBF.

FAS event participate, a SDS, through CECLIMA and CEUC, Institutes of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam), Amazonas Lands (Iteam), Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra), and for Amazonian Research (Inpa), in addition to the State Departments of Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc), de SaUde (Sesame) e de Segurança PUblica (SSP).

Also participate in the initiative the Foundation of the Amazon Research (Fapeam), representatives of the Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae-AM), the Eletrobras Amazonas Energia, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and the Navy of Brazil.

Viemos aqui em busca de melhoria para a nossa comunidade. We know the importance to discuss with our friends as things are in other reserves, além de sermos ouvidos pelos órgãos pUblicos sobre nossa. Aqui a gente tem voz”, said Raimundo Teixeira AMANCO, President of the Residents Association Sustainable Development Reserve Piagaçu-Purus (Amepp).


In this second, discussions are planned aimed at environmental control, land management, saUde e educação em UCs. The Navy of Brazil discuss with associations, the formation of practical and piloteiros in the interior of the state reserves, from 17h.

Tomorrow, às 10h30, Community may talk directly with the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana. For the afternoon, from 14h, It will be promoted GMP Evaluation Seminar, no Auditório SumaUma, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Block 1 Mini campus UFAM. The activity is open to invited institutions, universities and research institutes interested in debating about the Program.

On Wednesday (20), It will be the turn of the Board of the Foundation to attend the meeting, in a conversation with the community scheduled for 11 am. On the occasion will be signed an agreement between FAS and INPA focused on the development of income generating activities in PAs.

It will be inaugurated on Thursday, day 21, from 19:30, Incubator Rio Negro Sustainable Business, a space for the development of entrepreneurship in the coastal protected areas. On the occasion will be promoted another edition of the Sustainable Chat, which will feature the participation of FAS, INPA and the Foundation for Amazon Research (Fapeam).

On Friday, day 22, at 9h, the Manaus Archbishop Sérgio Castriani will give a lecture addressed to the riverine, presenting their religious and social experience in the Amazon. O evento será aberto ao pUblico.