Recycle idea reaches its third year in the centers of FAS

26 of May of 2014 - Projeto aborda na prática desafio dos resíduos sólidos nas comunidades ribeirinhas

Young communitarians selecting recyclable material | Photo: Venina Savedra/FAS

Great challenge of Brazil in the coming years, o tema resíduos sólidos tem ganhado soluções inovadoras em comunidades ribeirinhas vizinhas aos NUcleos de Conservação e Sustentabilidade (CSCs) Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS). Students from distant communities have brought many separate recyclable packaging discarded to school, giving the correct destination in partnership with TerraCycle in Brazil.

The separating material is made by brigades: shampoo packaging and juices, for example, They are placed into separate categories, to be sent from the municipalities to the headquarters of TerraCycle, in Sao Paulo, Recycle with project support their ideas. Packaging yield a resource that is reinvested in the school, as well as gifts made of recycled material.

Since the beginning of the project, in 2012, They have been sent over 17.820 Salty packaging corn, Margarine, perfumes, lotions, pens, Powdered juice dispensers etc.. Only NCS Bee, located on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, They were collected over 30 kg reusable packaging 2014. Furthermore, other piles of 33kg were collected and returned to Manaus, where they received proper disposal by the project.

O que coletamos nessas comunidades mostra muito o envolvimento dos alunos no projeto, que entenderam a importância de destinar corretamente o esses materiais em vez de enterrar ou até mesmo jogar no rio”, explains the pedagogical supervisor of FAS, Venina Savedra.

Nuclei Conservation and Sustainability

The Centers for Conservation and Sustainability (CSCs) is a place to promote sustainable education inside the rerved areas attended by Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP). A school takes part of the CSC structure, accommodation for students and teachers, computer labs and libraries in the middle of the forest. More informations!