With support from Symantec, Digital house in Rio Negro Reserve has now new equipment

12 th August 2014 - Company equip 12 computers of Digital House of Conservation and Sustainability Center (CSC) Agnello Bittencourt Uchôa, community Tumbira

CVDS act in the Rio Negro region | Photo: Bruno Kelly

This year, the technology company, Symantec, became partner of education and technology at riverside communities. Together with Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), the multinational ar software sector equiped the 12 computers that make up the digital home of the Core Conservation and Sustainability (CSC) Lamb Uchôa Bittencourt, located in Tumbira community, Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro.

The initiative aims to support innovation and technology in the riverine communities, promoting the intersection of the students and all the people that live in the nearby communities at a technological environment. The laboratories are located at the central area of Rio Negro Reserve, making the access to the internet easier to everyone 19 of the communities of the reserve. Directly were benefited 50 students, of ellementary and high school plus youth and adults – EJA do NUcleo.

For FAS pedagogic supervisor, Venina Savedra, the equipments already reflect on the daily routine of the school, making it possible to do several activities, including academic research.

“These devices have brought many improvements, we have a good number of students using it to do research for school, for example. Other core projects, like selective collection, the "Ideias que Florescem", are being disclosed by the students, in a very positive return”, evaluates.

Nuclei Conservation and Sustainability

The Centers for Conservation and Sustainability (CSCs) is a place to promote sustainable education inside the rerved areas attended by Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP). A school takes part of the CSC structure, accommodation for students and teachers, computer labs and libraries in the middle of the forest. More informations!