FAS and Sebrae-AM diagnosis start of production chains in Protected Areas (CUs)

18 th August 2014 - Expectation is to encourage entrepreneurship 406 riverine communities

FAS and Sebrae-AM should provide consulting in management for coastal entrepreneurs | Photo: Wildney Mourão/FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses Amazon (Sebrae-AM) They were among the days 12 until 15 August in Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) do Uatumã, Diagnosing the challenges of the production chains of the reserve supported by the Bolsa Floresta (BFP). This is the first of a series of technical visits to be carried out in five conservation units (CUs) in the state, you want to benefit more from 5 a thousand people.

The initiative is the starting point of Ribeirinho Entrepreneurship Project, and aims to identify key training needs of the productive chains in each region. From then on, They will begin a series of entrepreneurial actions, as instrutorias and consulting, in a project that will last until December 2016 and seeks the strengthening of economic activities already undertaken by the income component of PBF.

“This step identifies the income generation projects, requiring innovative and sustainable solutions, If not given RDS Uatumã, ranging from business management development geared to tourism and sport fishing, mechanization of activities involving flour”, explains the initiative supervisor, Wildney Mourão.

In addition to entrepreneurship supervisor and sustainable business, Wildney Mourão, They were also in the initiative mobilizers Alexandre Bastos and Lizandra Sá and technical assistant projects, Adamilton Bentes. They accompanied the initiative the technical Sebrae-AM Maria de Jesus and Jhony Markos.

The diagnosis will cover five reserves that already have a core of Support for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (NAES), implemented by FAS: Sustainable Development Reserves (Reserve) Reserve, Rio Negro, Madeira, Mamirauá, e Uatumã, addition to the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Rio Negro, you will receive the visit of technicians in the next day 20.

FAS Partnership and Sebrae

FAS and Sebrae-AM began partnership, in 2014, which aims to promote entrepreneurship through the strengthening of productive chains in protected areas of sustainable use of the Amazon, where the Bolsa Floresta is implemented. The expectation is to benefit 1.040 Community potential entrepreneurs involved in the priority production chains and indirectly 5.255 people. They will be met 406 communities, in action that will travel 20 municipalities.