Amazon Basin countries are in Manaus to discuss solutions to poverty in the region

13 th August 2014 - Evento promove intercâmbio de experiências entre iniciativas para erradicação da pobreza na Amazônia

Event brings together countries of the Amazon Basin in Manaus | Photo: Communication / FAS

From 13 a 15 August takes place in Manaus Regional Seminar on Solutions to Poverty Eradication in the Amazon Region, discussing income security initiatives and productive inclusion in the countries that make up the region. The event seeks to promote the exchange of experiences among countries of the Amazon Basin, aimed at mapping solutions to eradicate poverty allied to conservation. The opening took place on the morning of Wednesday (13), no auditório D. Lidia Parisotto, FAS headquarters.

“This workshop is emblematic because it speaks of poverty in Brazil, a country still under development and has a very high biodiversity. The countries of the Amazon Basin have many similarities and can share many advances”, said the superintendent general of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

Speakers include Gary Stahl, UNICEF representative in Brazil; Robby Ramlakhan, Secretary General of ACTO; Clemente Baena Soares, Director of the Department of South America II (MRE); Janine Mello dos Santos, Program director of the Special Secretariat for Overcoming Extreme Poverty (MDS) and Ricardo Paes de Barros, Secretary of Strategic Actions of the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency (SAE / PR).

? very important that we have a productive schedule, but this production schedule is linked to a social agenda. ? fundamental for poverty eradication reconciling economic agenda with the social development of the region”, comentou Robby Ramlakhan, Secretary General of ACTO.

The event will have two days of lectures and rounds of discussions in the FAS, with the presence of agency representatives and institutions of the Amazon, as, Suframa, Inpa, I trust. No Last Day, It is scheduled a visit to the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, one of Conservation Units (CUs) benefit from the Bolsa Floresta, larger program for environmental services in the world, extension.

? I need to enhance the approach of ACTO civil society. The participation of these various institutions contributes to strengthening the work of ACTO, a constant concern of the Foreign Ministry to strengthen foreign policy”, explains Clemente Soares, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sobre a FATHER

The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (OTCA) is an integrated international organization by the eight Amazonian countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Equador, Guiana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. ACTO aims to carry out joint actions for the sustainable development of the Amazon Basin, through the preservation of the environment and the rational use of natural resources in the region, associated with socioeconomic development and promoting the welfare of the Amazonian populations. A FATHER, as well as a space for exchanging experiences and policy coordination among the countries of the Amazon, It is a promotional body for South-South cooperation projects in the environmental area. ? Unica multilateral international organization based in Brazil.