SDSN Amazônia participa do III Encontro Pan Amazônico, no Peru

6 th August 2014 - Evento busca fortalecer participação da Amazônia na COP-20, que acontece em dezembro

Professional should have an interest in acting in riparian areas | Photo: Liana John

The Solutions Network for Sustainable Development for the Amazon (SDSN-Amazon) enter between days 06 until 07 August III Meeting Pan Amazon, sponsored by Amazon Regional Alliance (NOW) Lima, no Peru. The meeting aims to strengthen the institutions of the third position Amazonian sector at the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP-20), which takes place in December in the same city. The SDSN-Amazon will be represented by the general superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Virgilio Viana.

The goal of this edition of the Pan Amazonian Meeting is to define a collaboration agenda among civil society and strengthen the articulation of social actors Amazon, with a greater action on climate issues to be discussed at COP-20: Last opportunity for the official policy coordination before a new climate deal, what should happen in 2015, for CO-21, em Paris.

The researcher at the National Institute of Amazon Research (INPA), Antônio Nobre, will open the day's activities 06, presenting conference panoramas of the Amazon climate future. Yolanda Kakabadse, President mundial by WWF, soon present then related topics Amazon security and the challenges of Climate Change.

The third panel is on 07, with the presence of the Minister of Environment of Peru, Manuel Pugar-Vidal, who will speak on the COP-20 and public policies for sustainability in the region. The Amazon towards COP-20 will be the subject of yet another two panels, followed by an inter-sectoral table for definition of the Pan-Amazonian agenda sustentabilidadeTambém on 07 the SDSN-Amazon will make a side event to present the network and discuss a strategic agenda aimed at promoting solutions for sustainable development in the Amazon.