Indígenas conquistam ouro, prata e bronze no 7º Campeonato Brasileiro de Base no Tiro com Arco

16 of October of 2014 - In a historic performance, jovens indígenas do Amazonas alcançaram ouro, prata e bronze no 7º Campeonato Brasileiro Infantil, Cadete e […]


In a historic performance, jovens indígenas do Amazonas alcançaram ouro, prata e bronze no 7º Campeonato Brasileiro Infantil, Cadet and Junior Outdoor, realizado entre os dias 08 until 12 October at the Brazilian Center for Archery, em Maricá-RJ. Amazonians competitors brought five medals for the state, the first participation of the Amazon Indigenous Archery Project official national competitions.

The Amazon was represented by the School of Forest Archery Arrow, created by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), a member of the Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco). The project participated with a team of six athletes, a total of 115 competitors from various parts of Brazil. They accompanied the team as general superintendent of FAS and creator of the project, Virgilio Viana, school coordinator, Marcia Lot and the team coach, Roberval Fernando dos Santos. In short intensive training time space, the archers of the Amazon returned with a spectacular performance.

Summary of School Results Forest Arrow / FAS

Iiseen, Josiel da Silva Paulino, 17 years – Gold in Composite Bow Youth (Male)
Inha, Nelson Silva de Moraes, 14 years – Gold Recurve Children (Male)
Larissa Feitosa, 19 anos ?? Talk no Arco Youth Recurve (Female)
Iagoara, Drean Braga da Silva, 17 years, Larissa Feitosa – Bronze Mista na Equipe Youth Recurve
Yaci, Graziela Paulino, 19 anos ?? Bronze Recurve Junior Feminino


Josiel da Silva Paulino (Iiseen, in Baré ethnicity, 17) He won the gold medal with bow juvenile compound. No child recurve bow, Nelson Silva de Moraes (Inha Quira, in Kambeba, 14) He secured the gold with a wide difference 23 points for second place.

Result Recurve Children – 7º Brazilian Children, Cadet and Junior Outdoor
Brazilian Confederation of Archery (BRA)

Pos. Athlete Club Punctuation


Moraes Silva NELSON FAS Amazonas Sustainable Foundation 682-1


Guilherme Lopes da Cruz PBMC Military Circle of São Paulo 659-2


PEDRO Valle Dellani IRIS CT Marica / Archers Iris 651-3

Silver medals and bronze

Also the Arrow Forest School, Larissa Feitosa, 19, She took the silver in the women's youth recurve bow, and together with Drean Braga da Silva (Iagoara, in Kambeba, 17), She reached the bronze medal in the mixed category of youth recurve bow. The young Graziela Paulino (Yaci, in Karapãna, 18) also achieved a bronze medal in women's youth recurve bow.

For the creator of the project, Virgilio Viana, the initiative not only brings positive results for the Amazon, how you can contribute to the enhancement of indigenous culture in Brazil.

“It was exciting to see the result of what seemed like an unrealizable utopia become so significant results and in such a short time. I'm sure the Indian archery project will still be a source of great pride to the Amazon and contribute to the appreciation of the Brazilian indigenous culture towards the Olympics 2016”, He emphasized the superintendent.

The coach Marcia Lot, who coordinates the school, emphasizes that “whole podium is the result of tireless training and so, from now on, the pace of the training will be intensified for all young Indian archers”. But the technical Roberval Fernando dos Santos, revealed that “is expected to participate in more high level competitions. The result was very good, and it shows that the work is being properly conducted.”

The project was approved in the Sports Incentive Law (No law 11.438/06), and is sponsored by the B flat and Fogás Group. According to the CFO of the group, Denis Minev, the result is a first step, others to be taken by the initiative.

“as Amazonians, we are very proud of our team. It is the result of hard work and long-term and effort of these young champions. This is a first step of a long journey. We hope to support more great achievements of our youth”, ends.

next competition

The next competition of the Arrow Forest School will be the 40th Brazilian Championship Adult Archery, which will take place at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro between days 28 October and 01 November 2014. The team will be accompanied by Roberval coach of the Saints and the fitness coach Anibal Forte.

Sobre o Projeto

The Sustainable Chat “Amazon Indigenous Archery” It aims to contribute to the popularization of archery and strengthen the image and self-esteem of indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The project is an initiative of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in partnership with the Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco) and support of the Confederation of Organizations of the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples (Coipam), the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), and the Government of Amazonas, through the Youth Secretaries of State, Desporto Lazer and do Amazonas (Sejel), and Indigenous Peoples (Seind). The initiative is sponsored Bemol of shops and unique way, It aims to contribute to the formation of high-performance athletes and the strengthening of the Brazilian team archery for local competitions, national and international, including the Olympics in Rio, in 2016.