Acompanhe a Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) na COP-20, no Peru

7 the December the 2014 - Entre os temas na agenda estão as soluções para o desenvolvimento sustentável, cooperation between countries of the South and the importance of conservation and restoration in global climate mitigation

COP 20 meets global focus in Lima, no Peru | Photo: Government of Peru

Until the next day 12 the city of Lima, no Peru, welcomes the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a COP 20. The purpose of the event is to advance the global climate agreements, to after 2020. these, the signatory countries undertake to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, contributing to the Earth's temperature does not exceed the 2 ° C rise limit.

For the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) a COP 20 It has other issues as important as this new climate arrangement, as the definition of forms of financing for sustainable development and adaptation to climate change. Na previous COP, in Warsaw, in Poland, was announced the creation of the Green Climate Fund and expected COP 20 the definition of operation of US $ 9 billion allocated by 32 countries. Furthermore, the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation mechanism and sustainable management (REDD ) It can be an ally to the mitigation of climate change, since deforestation is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

These form the, FAS expects to COP na 20 there are significant advances in defining the legal framework to define the criteria for supporting forest conservation activities, increase of carbon stocks and local development.

“A COP 20 It has been seen as a stage conference, ou historian, draft preparation of the climate agreement to be signed next year, na COP de Paris. We hope that other advances are achieved in Lima so that we do not expect Paris. ? urgente a definição de mecanismos para ampliar o financiamento para a redução do desmatamento e a melhoria da qualidade de vida das populações que vivem em florestas tropicais”, defends Virgilio Viana, FAS CEO, that will participate in several events parallel conference.

The delegation of the FAS at COP Lima will consist of:

Virgilio Viana – General Superintendent

Eduardo Taveira ?? Scientific-Technical Superintendent

Valcleia Solidade ?? Geral Scholarship Program Coordinator Floresta

Victor Salviati ?? Special Projects Coordinator

Suelen Marostica ?? Coordinator of International Cooperation and Research

André Ballesteros ?? Coordenador de Desenvolvimento Institucional e Parcerias

Thaís Megid ?? Secretária Executiva da SDSN Amazônia

The Brazil at COP 20

Brazil has a strategic role in issues related to forest, energy and Durban platform (script actions for a new global agreement). Issues related to Brazil that are relevant to the discussions during the Conference:

  • Os dados do desmatamento apresentados no Ultimo dia 26/11 the Government of Brazil, showing reduction 18% deforestation in the Amazon, given that other centers of excellence had published very different data;
  • Brazil strategy for reducing emissions from deforestation;
  • O ano de 2014 It marked a series of extreme events in Brazil, as drought in the Southeast and severe flooding in the northern region;


See the FAS program at COP 20!

Dia de Soluções da Amazônia” (SDSN-Amazon)

Data: 8/12, from 9h to 12h and 14h to 19h

Local: Pentagonito (9h-12h) until “Pavilhão de Florestas” (14h-19h)

Objectives: Conducted by Solutions Network for the Amazon Sustainable Development (SDSN-Amazon), Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Amazon Regional Articulation (NOW), Amazon in the Amazon (AMPA), the Ministry of Environment of Peru, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Vale e Camargo Correa.

No event, sustainable solutions will be demonstrated some challenges Amazon, além do lançamento do prêmio SDSN-Amazônia que pretende identificar e reconhecer boas práticas de organizações pUblicas, private, academia and the third sector face the challenges posed by infrastructure projects on the entire continental Amazon.

At the time, there will also be the signature of the creation of the protected area of ????the Amazon River rising, located in Peru, Under the Volcano Mismi, with 5.180 meters, connecting several countries of the Amazon Basin.

Experiences and lessons of South-South cooperation in the areas of REDD and Forests (FAS and European Forest Institute)

Data: 11/12, from 10h30 to 12h30

Local: Pavilion of the European Union

Target: this event will be presented some results of FAS initiatives with the Southern countries, As or Congo, for representatives of governments, as Mozambique and members of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). At the time, It will be presented technical and financial effectiveness of the countries involved in this initiative and how everyone can win in this type of joint, breaking the idea that only the Nordic countries may have this capability.

Sequestro Biológico e Armazenagem (BSS): caminhos para a descarbonização profunda” (FAS, World Resources Institute until Education and Research Center for Tropical Agriculture)

Data: 12/12, from 13h15 to 14h45

Local: Pentagonito, sala 1

Objectives: discuss the importance of terrestrial biological sequestration (conservation and ecological restoration) for mitigation. It will also be launched this initiative 20×20 It intended to restore 20 million hectares degraded to 2020 in Latin America and the Caribbean.