FAS announces tender for contract logistics assistant

20 de February de 2015 - Profissional atuará na sede da FAS em Manaus; currículos devem ser enviados até o dia 26 February 2015

Professional will be interviewed at the Foundation's headquarters in the capital of Amazonas (Photo: Marina Souza/FAS)

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) divulga edital para contratação de assistente de logística. O profissional deverá atuar na sede da instituição em Manaus, located at Rua Alvaro Braga, 351, Park neighborhood 10 November. Interessados devem enviar o currículo por e-mail até o dia 26 February 2015.

O contratado deverá atuar com organização de documentos e arquivos; to callback request?a?the payments, shopping and travel related to?s activities demanded the Coordination of Logi?stica; receive and dispatch documents to?related areas; Expedition support the sector?a?to the input control and out?of materials and equipment; support Elaboraç?a?the terms of doac?a?and the delivery of goods and investments GMP; support regional coordinators providing INFORMATION?the?s and materials; support the organization?a?and the operacionalizac?a?the events; representar a FAS no contato direto com fornecedores, providers servic?and the lideranc?the comunita?makeup; participar de eventos externos, além de realizar e atualizar cadastro de fornecedores.

? required that the applicant submit co?sink certificate conclusa?the teaching me?it gave, have knowledge to?tico in reports?tica (Word, Excel, PowerPoint e Internet), experie?INSTANCE in administrative assistant, almoxarifado, expeditions?a?and the?related areas. O profissional deve apresentar ainda facilidade para realizar trabalho em contato direto com fornecedores, partners and communities in Amazo?nia; ability to mediate in Soluc?a?the conflict; organizac?a?and the document filing; and must be available to work in peri?full odo, as legislation?a?the labor force in.

Segundo o edital, the room value?Rio depend? da experie?candidate selected INSTANCE, according crite?rivers positions and living room?FAS rivers. The value of the room?Monthly river has with respect?INSTANCE the working day?estuary 8 hours, from Monday to Friday. The regime counterattacked?a?the will? CLT. In addition to salary, the candidate will have granted the following benefi?cios: Supply Stat worth?a?the, UAA and transport aid plan?from / Hyena Dentistry?gico.

the curri?stakeholder glasses Devera?They are referred to alleged?wage only by electro mail?nico rh@fas-amazonas.org no peri?odo de 23 a 26 February 2015. The title of the e-mail message should contain: “Selec?a?the Assistant logi?stica”. The interviews will be?held in the peri?odo de 2 a 4 marc?the 2015.



Edital nº 004_2015 Assistente de Logistica
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