Archers indigenous young people participate in tryouts for World Archery

24 of March of 2015 - The athletes are part of the Indian Archery Project Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

Gustavo was invited to stage the Brazilian National Archery (Photo: Bruno Kelly)

Between 17 until 20 April, young Jardel (Wanaiu), Graziela (Yaci), Gustavo (Ywytu), Dream Braga (Iagoara) and Nelson Moraes (Inha), will participate in the tryouts and Youth Recurve Bow Cadets for the World Archery in Yankton, In the USA, which will take place on 14 June. The selective of young participants are part of the Indian Archery Project, designed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), which aims to contribute to the popularization of archery and strengthen the image and self-esteem of indigenous peoples of the Amazon. since December, Dream e Inha, da etnia Kambeba, part of the Brazilian National Archery.

In addition to the tryouts for the World, the young Gustavo Paulino dos Santos (Ywytu), from 18 years, ethnic Karapanã, located in Kuanã community, the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Rio Negro, will train for three months in the selection and will join the other athletes. The invitation was made by coach Renzo Ruele and Gustavo travels the next day 25 March for Marica, in Rio de Janeiro, where the headquarters of the Brazilian Confederation of Archery (CBTARCO).

With the arrival of the Olympics and the confirmation of Manaus as one of six football venues, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) encourages the crowd to indigenous archers, representatives of the Amazon in the tournament. Through Indigenous Archery Project, indigenous youth achieved significant results in competitions, as gold medals, silver and bronze in the Brazilian Championship and five medals for the state in the first participation of the Amazon Project in official national competitions.

For the creator of the project, Virgilio Viana, the initiative brings more than positive results for the Amazon, It is a way to contribute to the development of indigenous culture in Brazil. “It was exciting to see the result of what seemed like an unrealizable utopia become so significant results and in such a short time. I'm sure the Indian archery project will still be very proud of the Amazon and contribute to the appreciation of the Brazilian indigenous culture towards Rio Olympics 2016?, He emphasized the general superintendent of FAS.

About the project

The Archery Indigenous Amazon project aims to contribute to the popularization of archery and strengthen the image and self-esteem of indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The action is a FAS initiative, in partnership with the Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco) and support of the Confederation of Organizations of the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples (Coipam), the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), and the Government of Amazonas, through the Youth Secretaries of State, Desporto Lazer and do Amazonas (Sejel), and Indigenous Peoples (Seind). A iniciativa conta com o patrocínio das Lojas Bemol e Fogás, and an unprecedented, It aims to contribute to the formation of high-performance athletes and the strengthening of the Brazilian team archery for local competitions, national and international, including the Olympics in Rio.