Journalists of the Rainforest Project: Project takes dental and medical care to residents of the RDS Rio Negro

30 by April of 2015 - Young residents of protected areas made news coverage action Dentist design Forest


The Community Tumbira, located on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, has received, on 25 April, social action “Dentist Forest”. The Sustainable Chat, conducted by Jorge Gonçalves's Office in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), answered about 150 people. Moreover Tumbira, four other conservation unit communities were visited. Reporters Forest, young residents reserves, They accompanied the action.

The “Dentist Forest” é um projeto multidisciplinar de saUde formado por um grupo de voluntários, including doctors, nurses and dentists. In three years, the action has reached more than 30 communities. After the partnership with FAS, He started acting also in the protected areas: RDS will do Rio Negro RDS Archives Conquista. “I had the idea of ????creating the project 2012, comecei sozinho e depois vi que a necessidade não era só odontológica e sim de saUde. The coastal live isolated, at social risk, vulnerable to its precariousness. This caused me to seek support from more professional volunteers to multiply the philosophy of social responsibility, because here has volunteers, It has people responsible”, He explained the creator of the project, the dentist Jorge Gonçalves.

Among the main difficulties of executing the project and cover more areas are operational logistics, financial difficulties and limited human resources. “Joining a group of volunteers is difficult, because a physical demand is required, psychological, intellectual and financial to motivate people and make them enxerguem the project as a social benefit. But, when you want to be able to make something happen difficulties are no obstacles, They are steps and you will overcome”, said Jorge Gonçalves.

The service in Tumbira community included distributing dental kits for adults and children, collective brushing,, tooth extraction, limpeza e aplicação de flUor, as well as dermatological consultations and visits to general practitioners. Volunteer doctor Rafael Martins cited the importance of being part of this action. “I have some time to participate in this program. I think it is very important both for those who participate and for whom the community is, porque leva saUde para as pessoas, but also makes us better people”, said.

For the Community, care in the areas of conservation unit is a gain. “Eu acho ótimo porque conseguir uma consulta odontológica em Manaus é muito difícil. I've reached out 4 horas da manhã para ir no posto conseguir marcar uma consulta para o mês seguinte e tendo aqui é uma grande oportunidade”, said Maria do Socorro, resident of Tumbira Community.

Reporters Forest Project

This news is a result of the Reporters Project Forest. The action began in the III Exchange of Knowledge, event in partnership with the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) with activities for young residents of the Amazon protected areas, held in November 2014, after Samsung donate 40 cameras for action. The students were trained by the journalist of Eldorado and Estadão radios, Paulina Chamorro, to produce text and picture material.

The goal is to train young reporters, so that they portray the riverfront reality through different media.

reporter: young Garrido