Editora Abril journalist holds workshop with young forest reporters Juma

14 th August 2015 - The workshop is part of the program of Reporters Forest project, Program of Education and Health of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation

Journalist taught workshop in Juma (Photo: Suelen Araújo/FAS)

Usually by ARAUJO, Program of Education and Health

?s vésperas do encerramento do ano letivo, occurred on 08 August, os alunos do NUcleo de Conservação e Sustentabilidade (CSC) Bee, located on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, They had the opportunity to participate in workshop taught by journalist Editora Abril, Pieter Zaelis. The workshop is part of the program of Reporters Forest project, Program of Education and Health (PES) Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS).

With the participation of 40 students from 6th to 9th grade of elementary school, the Municipal School event space Victor Civita was adapted for a TV newsroom, four editorials: Environment, Community, SaUde e Beleza, and Sport. The themes of the guidelines were selected for relevance in reserve.

“It was a different workshop. He is a good professional and learned a lot of good. This is good to improve our knowledge”, said the student Glemerson Coat, forming elementary school, acting as the Forest Reporter and winner of the Best Text Production Award 2015 Victor Civita School.

At the time, Pieter journalist expounded the reports production methods reported as working in a national mass communication vehicle.

After the division of students by editorials, videorreportagens production was carried out in the bee community. All the material produced was published in the newspaper TV format, which was presented at the end of the school year to show to present the activities developed by Reporters Forest Project.

The journalist said he was impressed and happy with the commitment of the students with the project. “Was cool, we managed to arouse interest in the subject. It was a chance to explain to them the experience with which I am accustomed. I do well happy, this profession is difficult, It requires effort, and at the same time can help to improve and charge a lot of those who could be helping them”, said Zaelis.

Reporters Forest Project

Reporters Forest Project began in III Exchange of Knowledge, event in partnership with the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) with activities for young residents of the Amazon protected areas, held in November 2014, after Samsung donate 40 cameras for action. The goal is to train young reporters, so that they portray the riverfront reality through different media.