Comunidades da RDS Canumã recebem investimentos com apoio da FAS e EMS

5 the November the 2015 - Iniciativa apoia construção de centros sociais em comunidades isoladas

social center was built with hand labor Community | Photo: Lizandra Sá

A partnership between FAS (FAS) and EMS has improved the lives of families living in the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Canum. Through the social component of the Bolsa Floresta, They were built two social centers in communities Canumã Village and St. José do Gerônimo, which together should benefit about 1,4 thousand residents of the reserve (a 215 km of Manaus).

The spaces are designed to community meetings, meetings and get-togethers between riparian. For the construction of the centers, FAS delivered building materials, and residents gave the hand labor in return. The spaces also gained full furniture, that in addition to tables and chairs, They include freezers, stoves and water fountains. Also they were given two sewing machines in the community Vila Canumã, which should support the local women's group.

“Social centers were a community demand, the result of a participatory process. These spaces are always a reference to the Community, a space for the meeting of communities, for dialogue in these areas”, explains Jousanete Days, Negro-Amazonas regional coordinator, FAS.
Juma (Reserve) Canumã has 16 communities benefiting from the Bolsa Floresta. With an area of 22.355 hectares, the reserve is home 301 participating families Program, totaling 1.375 people. More informations!