FAS has sustainable development solutions to the Amazon during the COP-21, em Paris

6 the December the 2015 - Organization participates in events that highlight examples of success and the challenges of sustainable development in the region


The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) embarks for a cop21, em Paris, with several objectives. Entre eles, present successful initiatives in the Amazon in recent years that can serve as a solution examples for sustainable development on a global scale. Furthermore, entity's delegation to discuss the challenges to achieving sustainable development in the region in the next 15 years, by reference to the objectives of Sustainable Development (ODSs), launched by the United Nations in September this year.

One of the highlights this year will be the Amazon Solutions Day event (Solutions Day for the Amazon), organized by SDSN-Amazon (Rede de Soluções para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia) on Monday (07/12), from 9 am to 15.30, SDSN in the office network, Global Center located in Columbia University. O evento tem como objetivo desenvolver uma visão comum sobre a estratégia e agenda para a implementação dos Objetivos do Desenvolvimento Sustentável (SDSN) Amazon, além de seus mecanismos de financiamento.

Participants will include representatives of governments, as the State of Amazonas and the chairman of the Environment of the State of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (Aleam), Deputy Luiz Castro. Civil society, as Yolanda Kakabadse, President do WWF, besides the director of the Global Network SDSN, Jeffrey Sachs and the Vatican official Monsignor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, rector of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

The event will also include the delivery of SDSN-Amazon Prize, initiative that seeks to value projects as solutions for sustainable development in the Continental Amazon. “The award is one of the initiatives that SDSN-Amazon, secretariada pela FAS, leads to recognize and give visibility to solutions for sustainable development that already exist. The idea is to encourage successful practices and recognize them, since the development activities in the region generate significant social and environmental impacts on the ecosystem”, says the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

FAS will also be present at the Global Landscapes Forum (Global Landscape Forum) not Sunday (06/12). From 9 am to 10:30 am, the results of the partnership will be presented to the Amazon Fund, since 2010 supports the actions of the Bolsa Floresta aimed at generating income and investments in strengthening community-based organizations.

On 2014, were 241 projects to generate income and 149 initiatives in residents' associations, highlighting initiatives in supply chains of acai and vegetable oil. Only in the chain of açaí, were more than 200 people actively participating in all the extraction phase with increased 43% the yield with the immediate processing. With vegetable oil, processing was 406 liters of oil of andiroba 30% yield. At the same event, from 17h35 to 18h20, FAS will be on a panel to share best practices in forest management.

“The Amazon can either be part of the solution as the problem of climate change, which varies according to the decrease or increase in deforestation and burning in the region. To become the solution we need effective public and resources for adaptation to climate change policies, improving people's quality of life, rising cost of illegality and promotion of environmental education”, says Virgil.

na COP21, FAS will also have a booth at the Congress Palace of Paris, in the theme pavilion “Climate Change and Nature”, in partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI). The organization's activities during the conference can be followed on the special page: http://fas-amazonas.org/cop21/. This page, They will publish articles and analysis on cop21.