Atletas indígenas se destacam em seletiva e seguem na disputa por vaga na Olímpiada de 2016

25 de January de 2016 - Dream, Graziela e Nelson ficaram entre os dez classificados para próxima etapa da seletiva


Three athletes of the Amazon Indigenous Archery Project were classified, this weekend, for the next phase of selective decide that the representatives of Brazil in the Olympics 2016, in Rio de Janeiro. Selective was held in the Olympic Village Mario Covas, in Sao Paulo. In trio, formed by Dream Braga, Nelson de Moraes and Graziela Paulino, fourth indigenous athlete can still apply for a job. The project is carried out by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), with the support of B flat Shops, Catch, Banco Bradesco and Sports Ministry, through the Sports Incentive Law.

Five indigenous youth participated selective in São Paulo. Of these, Graziela Paulino won the 4th place, Dream the 5th and the 9th Nelson de Moraes, ensuring the vacancies for the next stage of selection, which will have the top ten this last phase. Gustavo Paulino, Indian ethnicity Karapanã, was in 11th place and can still compete for the vacancy if the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) choose to summon him to fill the vacancy Ultima based on technical criteria.

Besides the three indigenous youth, another athlete Amazon – non-indigenous – also ranked in the top ten. Larissa Feitosa, training in the Olympic Village of Manaus, ranked 6th in the overall ranking.

Now, athletes follow training for the next selective, which will be held on 04 until 05 March. In February, they also participate in the competition that will define the athletes who will represent Brazil in the Pan American Championships in San Jose, in May 2016, and World Ranking Tournament in Argentina, in July 2016.

Indigenous Graziela Paulino, He explains that it is necessary to work the emotional to stand out in dispute. “We have to control the heart and it is very difficult. ? very exciting to imagine that you left the village and there is shooting against the best from around the country”, commented Graziela.

Para o idealizador do projeto e superintendente-geral da FAS, Virgilio Viana, the performance of athletes demonstrates the potential for the Olympic selection. “These young people are having significant achievements, que nos deixam muito orgulhosos. Em pouco tempo, se tornaram atletas de alto rendimento. This new achievement reinforces the consistency of the project and feeds our dreams of having an athlete in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro”, said.

About the project:

O Projeto Arquearia Indígena do Amazonas tem o objetivo de contribuir para a popularização da arquearia e fortalecer a imagem e autoestima das populações indígenas da Amazônia. O projeto é uma iniciativa da FAS, in partnership with the Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco) and support of the Confederation of Organizations of the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples (Coipam), the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), and the Government of Amazonas, through the Youth Secretaries of State, Desporto Lazer and do Amazonas (Sejel), and Indigenous Peoples (Seind). A iniciativa conta com o patrocínio das Lojas Bemol e Fogás, por Meio da Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte, and an unprecedented, It aims to contribute to the formation of high-performance athletes and the strengthening of the Brazilian team archery for local competitions, national and international, including the Olympics in Rio, in 2016, e com apoio do Banco Bradesco.