Associação de Moradores Agroextrativistas da Resex Rio Gregório tem nova gestão

7 June 2016 - Equipe regional da FAS apoiou assembleia geral na Resex Rio Gregório, a mais de 1.000 km of Manaus

New board Amarge, engaged in Resex Rio Gregory | Photo: Marcelo Castro

In the days 21 until 22 May 2016, residents of the Extractive Reserve (Resex) Rio Gregório, between the rural and Eirunepé Ipixuna-AM (1000 km of Manaus), They elected the new board of Agroextractive Residents Association Resex Rio Gregory (because), main representative institution that Conservation Unit (UC). The new pool table was set at an extraordinary general meeting in Ubim community, with participation of 126 ribeirinhos, from 27 localidades/comunidades da Resex, and support of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Bradesco and Amazon / BNDES Fund.

The Amarge is a partner of the parent associations of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), which is responsible for supporting the debate and the joint implementation of sustainable solutions to generate income and improve the quality of life brought about by the program. The new management has as president Valcenir Marques, and vice president Arleilson Melo. Deuziano Pinheiro, José Gomes e Cléa Santana, moradores da Resex, ocupam a posição de primeiro secretário, treasurer, and executive secretary, respectively.

“We assume seeking to bring more transparency to the board, accountability and more savings in management, as a lesson of the Leadership Meeting [biannual event sponsored by FAS with the Bolsa Floresta leaders]. There we learn many things, get more experience to act together with the locals and make things happen”, explica or President Valcenir Marques, whose mandate is effective until 2018.

The team of FAS Regional Juruá-Jutaí promoted integration with the new directors, facing the importance of transparency in the management and regulation of the local association process.

“The association in Rio Gregory, although recent, already taken great leaps in the region. income-generating projects, como a extração de latex, management of plant oils, as cantinas, the production of flour, today are implemented with great support of the association. And for new challenges, such as forest management, lakes, and improvements in supply chains established, it is imperative that residents can rely on a strong association, trained, empowered, to direct and monitor public policies and other investments in the region”, explains the regional coordinator of FAS, Marcelo Castro.

Amarge is one of the 16 CUs linked to the Community Empowerment Program (component of the Bolsa Floresta Association), which aims to strengthen the organization of the Conservation Units of communities (UC), supporting associations and stimulating the formation of new leaders riverine. The program is developed by FAS, with support from Bradesco and the Amazon Fund.

The investments seek to strengthen the associations led by community, providing infrastructure support (headquarters, computers, boats etc.), operational resources (gasoline, food etc.) and training programs for directorships.

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