FAS, EMS e Instituto TIM levam soluções inovadoras de água e comunicação para a RDS Mamirauá

10 June 2016 - Nove comunidades foram contempladas com sistemas de radiocomunicação de longa distância, distribuição e purificação de água

Water tank attached purification system to community| Photo: Regional Solimões/FAS

Residents of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, in the Middle Rio Solimões, ganharam o reforço de soluções inovadoras para o enfrentamento de desafios na Amazônia profunda. Nine communities were provided with water distribution and purification systems, as well as radiocommunications equipment long distance. Investments were made possible by the Community Infrastructure Program (Bolsa Floresta Social), developed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) in partnership with Bradesco, EMS e Instituto TIM.

In early May, It has completed the installation of five supply systems and water purification in San Francisco Boia communities, Porto Alegre, San Miguel, Syria and Maguari, na zona rural de Uarini-AM (570 km of Manaus). O Ecolágua system, developed by the National Institute of Amazonian Research (Inpa), It uses solar energy to purify up 400 liters of water per hour, with an efficiency of 99,99% in disinfection. “The equipment leaves the water free of pathogens, from ultra violet rays to eliminate the DNA of microorganisms”, explains the researcher of INPA, Florencio Gário.

The installation of equipment will facilitate the life of families like Nora Nilce, resident of San Francisco's Community Boia. In addition to bringing direct health gains, Nilce noted that systems helped prevent common practice of residents of rural communities: carrying buckets with water for tens of meters.

“This benefit will bring the most important thing: a saUde, we had not before. Before we used the river water, rain, and I had to carry several buckets back. We now have easier pure water, need chlorine or chemicals”, emphasizes.

Another gain brought by the partnership was the installation of eight radio communication equipment in Barroso communities, Forest, Marirana and Santa Luzia. The devices help in the contact between distant communities several hours by boat, reducing service time in urgent situations of health, and also facilitate community mobilization and income generation within.

“This system will be very important for us, because of the problems that happen in the community, as diseases and births, and also to generate income, lakes invasion control [protect fish is an essential activity in the sustainable management of Arapaima]”, explains Pereira Firmino, resident of the community Barroso, that RDS Mamirauá.


Mapa das comunidades atendidas na RDS Mamirauá

The investments were made by participatory decision through the Support for FAS Community Infrastructure Program (Bolsa Floresta Social), that directs investments to enhance and support the development of education, of health, communication and transportation in the riverine communities.

“One of the great advantages of the program is its participatory methodology, that addresses the needs of communities. Through democratic choice, it was decided that the appeal would be invested in drinking water and communication, which will help in disease, births, and other needs as well, as the generation of income”, explains the general coordinator of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), Valcleia Solidade.

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