Amazonian indigenous Archer ranks in 1st place in the national trials for Grand Prix of Mexico

6 de February de 2017 - Nelson trained for three years in the Olympic Village of Manaus on the Amazon Indigenous Archery Project, one FAS initiative


by Mariana Filizola

No last weekend, Amazon was ranked first for the Grand Prix Archery Mexico. Merit is the Kambeba athlete Nelson Silva de Moraes, 18, who won first place in the Selective Cadet School in Marica, RJ. In his Last year in the cadet category, up to athletes 18 years, Nelson played the position in the Mexican Grand Prix with around 12 Athletes from all over Brazil. The overall score of the two days of competition, Nelson was ranked first with 24 points against 20 his opponent, the athlete of the Brazilian national Marcelo Costa, 18.

Nelson trained for three years in the Olympic Village of Manaus on the Amazon Indigenous Archery Project, an initiative of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS). Despite the dedication and daily workouts, the athlete said he was surprised by the result. Preparing-is to compete not would arch Adult World, the Grand Prix has not changed the focus of the athlete, but will gain international experience: “My big goal this year is to compete in the World, but go to the Grand Prix in Mexico will be a great opportunity”, said. “Events of this size help to gain experience and confidence mainly”, concludes.

The Amazon athlete has been national champion in the mixed category 2015 and last year won third place in Arizona Camp, American championship archery. In the competition in Mexico, Nelson and his teammates Indigenous Archery Amazon Project are preparing for competitions in Argentina and the World in the second half, still no location set.

About Amazon Indigenous Archery Project

O Projeto Arquearia Indígena do Amazonas tem o objetivo de contribuir para a popularização da arquearia e fortalecer a imagem e autoestima das populações indígenas da Amazônia. The action is a FAS initiative, in partnership with the Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco) and support of the Confederation of Organizations of the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples (Coipam), the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), and the Government of Amazonas, por meio da Secretaria de Estado da Juventude, Desporto Lazer and do Amazonas (Sejel).

The initiative is a partnership with TAM, Valgroup, Faculty and Schools La Salle, and has the sponsorship of B flat and Fogás Shops, por Meio da Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte, and an unprecedented, It aims to contribute to the formation of high-performance athletes and the strengthening of the Brazilian team archery for local competitions, national and international, including the Olympics in Rio, in 2016, e com apoio do Banco Bradesco.