FAS is the Amazon in the meeting 'Human Right to Water’ com Papa Francisco, no Vaticano

23 de February de 2017 - Meeting will discuss the central role of public policy in water management and sanitation


The superintendent-general of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and director of SDSN-Amazon Network, Virgilio Viana, represent the region, Thursday (23) it's Friday (24), during or workshop “human right to water”, held at the Pontifical Vatican Academy, which will discuss the central role of public policy in water management and sanitation. The event will be attended by Pope Francis and religious leaders such as the president of the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), Dom Claudio Hummes.

Conducted by the Chair of Dialogue and Culture Meeting, or international event brings together environmentalists, political, educators and religious leaders to discuss necessary steps that have to improvements in policies that meet the world's people with water and peace.

?s 13h Thursday (23), Manaus time, special session will be held on Amazon. Participate Virgilio Viana, Dom Claudio Hummes, Jesuit Alfredo Ferro (Colombia) e o antropólogo Martín von Hildebrand (Colombia).

On Friday, Professor Virgilio Viana participates in panel on the theme “human right to water and sanitation: the world of work in a culture of disposability”. Also part of the leader of the Global Network SDSN panel, professor Jeffrey Sachs (USA), e José Luis Lingerie (Argentina), Union representative Workers of Sanitary Works of the Great Buenos Aires.

The event will end with special participation of Pope Francis. The world meeting is being broadcast live on the Internet on the website: http://hrw.encuentromundi.org/.

The workshop is organized by universities and non-profit organizations and aims to generate an interdisciplinary space for discussion and reflection for conducting public policies to ensure effective contribution to science, culture and politics in technological advances and the achievement of a fairer society, solidarity to enable peace and conflict prevention based on political and economic interests over human life.

FAS and SDSN-Amazon in the Vatican

This is the third visit of FAS and SDSN-Amazon Network in the Vatican. In October, Virgilio Viana and representative SDSN-Amazon Youth Network, Gabriela Sampaio, They participated in the 3rd Symposium of the Vatican Youth. On the occasion, o Papa Francisco recebeu das mãos de Virgílio uma carta assinada em conjunto com o Arcebispo de Manaus, Don Sergio Castriani, that external satisfaction of the Archdiocese and the city of Manaus to receive His Holiness solo Amazon. O Papa também foi presenteado com a fotografia de um mural grafitado com a Sua Santidade, elaborada pelo artista amazonense Raiz Campos, e que estampa o muro da Fundação, no bairro Parque Dez, in Manaus.

In February this year, Viana also participated in the meeting “?tica in Action”, conducted by the Pontifical Vatican Academy of Sciences.

The partnership between FAS, SDSN-Amazon and the Pontifical Vatican Academy of Sciences began with the launch of the papal encyclical "Laudato Si’ in Manaus and in the village Kambeba Three States, the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Rio Negro, com a presença do Monsenhor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Vatican Academy of Social Sciences, Archbishop of Manaus, Don Sergio Castriani and president of the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon CNBB, Dom Claudio Hummes.

Aa ??Praised It?? (SWT) foi o primeiro documento da Igreja Católica que trata especificamente de questões ambientais. The letter is directed to all people on the planet, regardless of religion or belief.