FAS and BNDES announce announcement of support for Amazon conservation projects

14 of March of 2017 - Will fund projects of up to R $ 150 thousand related to sustainable production arrangements


The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), through the Amazon Fund, They announced, this Monday (13), the notice “Standing in Forest”, initiative to support projects to be implemented preferably in surrounding areas and mosaics of protected areas, Amazon and ecological corridors. The announcement was made during a visit by BNDES to projects supported by the Amazon Fund in Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, in Iranduba.

Designed as a new component of the project “Bolsa Floresta More”, supported by the Amazon Fund, the notice “Standing in Forest” It aims to encourage private-sector organizations, nonprofit, formal and regular implementing sustainable productive activities. Furthermore, the announcement will enable entrepreneurs to community-based, contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN), and strengthen the grassroots associations creating more sustainable financial mechanisms for investment in community social infrastructure in the state of Amazonas.

“We believe that the control of deforestation and degradation in the Amazon is associated, inter alia, the reduction of social vulnerability and the promotion of sustainable economic alternatives. Therefore, the Forest edict Standing support projects of sustainable income generation in protected areas of the State”, said the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

The announcement disburse R $ 2,5 million for projects of up to R $ 150 thousand a maximum of two years. In addition to financial support, FAS will offer preparation courses and project management, and technical assistance to selected.

“We have the FAS as a partner and with extremely impactful indicators and results, with 40 thousand people being met at the tip, then think of something innovative to give more scale. The public call was a project that we built together to provide alternative income generation for the people of the Amazon and increase the strengthening of community associations”, said the head of the Department of the Amazon Fund Management, Juliana Santiago.

The announcement of the guidelines were built jointly by FAS team with experts, riverine indigenous leaders and, technical government of Amazonas and the Amazon Fund.

Visit the Amazon

The director of Public and Environmental Management Area, Marilene Ramos, and the director of BNDES Capital Market Area, Eliane Lustosa, visited, on Monday (13), projects developed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation with support by the Bank, through the Amazon Fund. He accompanied the visit the German Ambassador in Brazil, Georg Witschel, It met the projects developed with support from the Amazon Fund, which Germany is donor. besides them, also participated in the visit the head of the Department of the Amazon Fund Management, Juliana Santiago, and the Amazon Fund Management manager, André Iron.

The delegation visited the Inn Vista Rio Negro, located in Santa Helena community English. The project was inaugurated in 2014 and has the support of the Bolsa Floresta. The bank's delegation attended lunch with community leaders that stand out for riverine entrepreneurship initiatives in supply chains wood, tourism and handmade, the main sources of income in the RDS Rio Negro.

Then, the team participated in the inauguration of the headquarters of the Association of Sustainable Communities RDS Rio Negro, in Saracá community. The association is supported by the FAS Community Empowerment Program, which aims to strengthen the social community-based organizations of Conservation Units, encouraging the consolidation of the current leaders and the training of future leaders riverine.

“BNDES would have no way to reach these resources, all these investments, if they were not partners as the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. With the visit we see that these resources are actually being applied well, They are giving back to the community, and help save the Amazon. We want the BNDES make a difference in the lives of the population, and meeting leaders as engaged here in the communities we are sure that this is coming true”, said the director of Public and Environmental Management Area, Marilene Ramos.

The delegation also visited the Tumbira community. nonlocal, the directors of the BNDES and representatives of the Amazon Fund met with young leaders of the reservation.

On Tuesday (14), the team will visit the Knowledge Project to Conserve, supported by the Amazon Fund / BNDES at the Museum of the Amazon (MUSA), located in the North Zone of Manaus.