Olympics in Forest brings together over 700 residents in RDS Amanã

14 of March of 2017 - Event aimed at using sports as a tool of transformation and encouraging the development of children and adolescents riverine


A weekend very sport and citizenship. Between 10 until 12 March took place in the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Amanã I Olympiad in Forest, involving children, adolescents and young people from seven to 17 years of all reserve communities. The event was a realization of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Bradesco, and brought together over 700 people between competitors, parents, officials and residents of the Conservation Unit (UC) and environment.

The Olympics aimed at using sport as transformation and the child's overall development incentive instrument and riverine teen. During two days, 467 athletes competed in shooting competitions with bow, soccer, volleyball, burned and athletics in Vila Nova community Amanã, Middle Rio Solimões. Young Sophia Loren as, who first participated in an activity like this.

Estou muito orgulhosa de ter participado do projeto e pela primeira vez de uma olimpíada no meio da floresta. The project changed the way we saw our reservation, and showed a new way to protect rivers, our community. A olimpíada é um momento legal pois comemora isso”, Sophia Loren says, environmental education student project.

Times of St. John the Ipecaçu, women's football champions - Felipe Irnaldo

Times of St. John the Ipecaçu, women's football champions – Felipe Irnaldo

For competitions, the dicara Project and riparian helped refurbish two soccer fields, reform two grass courts for volleyball, erect stands, reform the social center and community cobbles. “Foi uma ação intensa de seis dias para deixar tudo pronto a tempo. But the end result was worth it, e estamos muito felizes”, highlights Enoch Ventura, dicara the team that coordinated the mobilization for infrastructure construction.

For the project coordinator, Ademar Cruz, the Olympics is an opportunity to bring rights to isolated communities in the interior of Amazonas.

O grande objetivo da olimpíada é ofertar para esses jovens o direito à cidadania, either through training courses, or through this integration through sports and culture. This is an event that combines the two, trazendo os talentos da comunidade para o centro das atenções”, out.

The event also helped move the local economy, as the case of artisan Maria Rozenice, who had the opportunity to sell Teçume, typical regional crafts of the Middle Solimões. Maria, which was also instructor of the project, He faced four hours by boat to exhibit and sell production during the event.

Craftsman Maria Rozenice, How do instrutora | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

Craftsman Maria Rozenice, How do instrutora | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

? um motivo de alegria muito grande poder ministrar aulas no projeto, see my students playing and show some of my work at this party. Communities have many soccer talents, volleyball, and who need an opportunity to appear and show their worth, assim como no artesanato”, comments.

cultural program

As a great sports festival, the Olympics in Forest also offered a rich cultural program for Community. On Friday (10) at night, the opening had a ceremony which included from the lighting of the Olympic torch to the presentation of eight regional dances.

No sábado, the evening was crowned with the parade of beauty contest for boys and girls dicara. Not Sunday (13) a talent show shook the community, with the presentation of young people accompanied by the Municipal Band Maraã, and the medal ceremony.