Amapá Rio RDS receives investments for flour chains, açaí and oil andiroba

27 of March of 2017 - Investments have the support of Bradesco and Amazon Fund / BNDES

Material was delivered to the Rio Amapá RDS (Photo: Marilson Silva / FAS)

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) held, In recent weeks, the first delivery of investment 2017 on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) do Rio Amapá. The action was supported by Department of Environment (Sema), and partnership with Bradesco and Amazon Fund / BNDES. The investments will benefit producers in three important productive chains in the region: flour, açaí and oils. A RDS, comprising the municipality of Manipur communities, received material for the construction of houses modernized flour, structuring processing units of açaí and Personal Protective Equipment (AND) for extraction of oils.

When all, It was delivered material for the construction of 30 modernized flour mills, that will allow the production to the highest hygiene and safety standards. The houses had already started construction and should be ready in May. Have investments in building materials focused on acai chain will support the construction and structuring of two Community processing units. Already the extraction chain copaiba oils received investments in technical materials and PPE for the extractive.

Investments made in the three chains are part of the Income Generation Program, Bolsa Floresta component (BFP) run by FAS. According to the Madeira regional PBF coordinator, Marilson Gomes, the program allows an investment to be made on what is in fact a community demand. “All investments were decided in 2016 through meetings of associations of Conservation Units (CUs). So, each delivery corresponds directly to the needs identified by communities”, said.

investment delivery in Jaturana community, in the RDS Amapá

investment delivery in Jaturana community, in the RDS Amapá

Investments delivered in Last month totaled R $ 70 a thousand, benefiting about 170 family farmers of Amapá River region. In addition to the deliveries, It is scheduled for the month of April conducting a Asset Management Workshop in the RDS association, in order to create rules for the common use of materials and contribute to the strengthening of the association.