Education and art: incentive project to Reading and Writing reaches new protected areas in 2017

7 by April of 2017 - Starting this year, They will also benefit students from Uatumã Reserves and Mamirauá


More than 150 students of the Solimões rails, Madeira, Rio Negro and Uatumã participate in free art workshops and education 2017, through Incentive Project to Reading and Writing the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS). The initiative promotes reading circles, dramaturgy of actions and even presentations open to the public inhabitant of these areas, through a partnership with Samsung, Bradesco, Alair Martins Institute, Coca-Cola and Marriott International.

Since o dia 13 March, the project has been touring the Sustainable Development Reserves (Reserve) do Uatumã, Mamirauá e do Juma, mobilizing students from 5th grade of elementary school to the 3rd year of high school. The activities are focused on reading and reading comprehension, written, plus drama notions that seek to encourage learning and creativity in the dynamics of coastal communities.

1 Day first module (17)

“Every week we go through a locality, and the idea is to work, beyond reading and writing, encouraging notions of self-knowledge, understanding the importance of awareness of what is living in a riverside community, and how much it is important for the creative process”, explains the art and FAS education coordinator, Adriano Rodrigues.

The project workshops are divided into steps: conhecimento de si mesmo, elaboração de roteiro teatral, reading stories and poetry created by students, besides technical testing and presentation. This year, the idea is to encourage the students themselves can develop their parts, and even, write books with tales and stories of the places where they live. Through a partnership with Editora Sextant, the action will also distribute 120 books in all areas served by the project.

“This project has many impacts, in addition to the teaching of reading and writing. The project seeks to encourage reflection students to rationalize their attitudes, and empower them in relation to community challenges and his own life”, explains the art and FAS education coordinator, Adriano Rodrigues.

3th day (8)

The marathon workshops resumes next Monday (10), and will cross the Black River RDS, Amana, Reserve, addition to the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Rio Negro.

“The Incenturita is a project that is changing my life, helping to develop my writing and reading, and even learn that we can realize our dreams, they are not impossible”, Samira highlights Correa, Student Conservation and Sustainability Core (CSC) Bee.