FAS participates in the meeting of the Mamirauá Reserve Forest Managers

19 by April of 2017 - Event assessed the activities developed in 2016 on exploitation and marketing of timber

FAS participates in meeting of wooden wielders of RDS Mamirauá (Photo: Disclosure)

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) participated, entre os dias 10 until 11 April, the 16th Meeting of the Mamirauá Reserve Forest Managers. O event, realizado pelo Instituto Mamirauá e Associação de Moradores e Usuários da Reserva Mamirauá (Amurmam) It was performed in Teffe (AM), and assessed the activities developed in 2016 on exploration and marketing.

According Elenice Assis, coordenadora do Programa de Manejo Florestal Comunitário do Instituto Mamirauá, the discussions were productive. “I believe that one of the highlights was the presentation of some partial results of research that are currently carried out within the management areas”, said.

In FAS, part of the agenda institutions such as the Development Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Sustainable Amazonas State (Execution), Department of Climate Change and Protected Areas Management (Demuc) and the Environmental Media Department of Uarini.

“These institutions have contributed and can further contribute to the strengthening of the productive chain of timber handled here in the Middle Rio Solimões, is monitoring the development of management plans, marketing and inspection. It was important to understand how each institution management plans are developed Reserve Mamirauá, the production potential and the problems related to the licensing and marketing of timber handled, the service to the local and regional market that wood can achieve”, Assis said Elenice.

During the meeting, researchers at the Mamirauá Institute also presented partial results of research carried out with funding from the Amazon Fund, managed by the National Development Bank (BNDES).

The forester Emily Vinhote, FAS technician supervisor, part of the agenda and stressed the importance of developing partnerships to bring social improvements to managers. “It has raised the interest in building an integrated agenda of actions aimed at sustainable initiatives for income generation and conservation of natural resources. Isto possibilita a união do conhecimento obtido por meio de pesquisas científicas do Instituto Mamirauá e a expertise técnica de instituições como a FAS e IDAM para subsidiar iniciativas sustentáveis de geração de renda para as comunidades tradicionais da RDS Mamirauá”, said.

*With information from the Institute Mamirauá