Managers and residents of Tefé, Maraã and Barcelos participate in mobilization of forest On Foot Notice

6 by April of 2017 - Notice was presented during the meeting of the Board of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Amana


The Tefé received, entre os dias 3 until 5 April, mobilization to publicize the Forest In Foot Notice, initiative undertaken by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Amazon Fund / BNDES will invest R $ 2,5 million in support for sustainable production in the Amazon. The stock reached the government and representatives of the environmental sector.

The announcement was made during the meeting of the Board of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Amanã for board members. Meetings were also held in the municipal departments of Rural Production and Interior Tefé. The Agricultural Development Institute and Sustainable Forest Amazonas State (IDAM) Local support in the notice of disclosure in the region.

During the mission, They were also mobilized managers in the environmental area of ????the city of Maraã, councilors Barcelos, as well as residents of the RDS Amana, located in the municipalities of Maraã and Fonte Boa.

In the next weeks, the Notice “Forest In Foot” It will be presented in the municipalities of Itapiranga, Eirunepé, Tabatinga, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Carauari, Nova Olinda do Norte and Maués.

disclosure meeting with Secretary of the Interior Tefé (Photo: Tefé advisory)

disclosure meeting with Secretary of the Interior Tefé (Photo: Tefé advisory)

Learn more about Notice “Forest In Foot”:

Designed as a new component of the project “Bolsa Floresta More”, supported by the Amazon Fund, the notice “Standing in Forest” It aims to encourage private-sector organizations, nonprofit, formal and regular implementing sustainable productive activities. They will be supported projects to be implemented preferentially in areas surrounding tiles and protected areas, Amazon and ecological corridors.

Furthermore, the announcement will enable entrepreneurs to community-based, contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN), and strengthen the grassroots associations creating more sustainable financial mechanisms for investment in community social infrastructure in the state of Amazonas.

The announcement disburse R $ 2,5 million for projects of up to R $ 150 thousand a maximum of two years. In addition to financial support, FAS will offer preparation courses and project management, and technical assistance to selected. The announcement of the guidelines were built jointly by FAS team with experts, riverine indigenous leaders and, technical government of Amazonas and the Amazon Fund.

Registration for the tender started on 31 March and continue until the day 5 June. The short list (first step) It will be released on 03 July 2017. Information is available on the website: