Reporters Forest accompany visit of BNDES to the Amazon

1 by April of 2017 - Purpose of the visit was to learn about the projects undertaken by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation with support from the Amazon Fund, as Reporters Forest

BNDES representatives accompanied visit to the community Tumbira, RDS in the Rio Negro (Photo: Odenilze Ramos)

On June 13 March, representatives of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) They visited the Center for Conservation and Sustainability Agnelo Teacher Uchôa Bittencourt. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the projects carried out by Amazonas Sustainable Foundation com apoio do Fundo Amazônia.

“The idea was to present the new bank's board members of the projects supported by the Amazon Fund, since there is a great interest in fostering projects that you have perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship”, said Juliana Santiago, head of the Department of the Amazon Fund Management.

One of the projects supported by the Amazon Fund is the 'Reporters Forest'. Visitors had the opportunity to talk to some members of the educational communication project. “? exciting closely monitor these initiatives. We had no idea just how amazing this project. The authenticity with which these young people tell their routine is very good. I'm sure they are being very benefited with this work”, relatou ?I got Fernandes – Amazon Fund.

Eliana already Lustosa, Director of BNDES's capital market, He said the team was very excited with the results seen in Tumbira community. “? very important to know we're doing the right thing. ? rewarding to get here and find enthusiastic people with projects. This shows responsibility and awareness of who is leading the project. This partnership to continue”, finalized.

Story of the young Tumbira community, RDS of Rio Negro.