Reporters Forest launch talk show recorded in riverside community in the Amazon

6 by April of 2017 - Program was recorded by students of the community Three States, in Protected Area Rio Negro

Program is presented by Forest reporter Ingrid Cruz (Photo: Reprodução)

The young participants of the Reporters Forest project, developed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), launched this week the first edition of a talk show recorded in the community Three States, located in the Area of ????Environmental Protection (APA) Rio Negro. The program is presented by student Ingrid Cruz Dias and is set in Rio Cuieiras.

The first edition of the program honors the mothers of the community Three States, and is interviewed Diamantina Cruz and Neurilene Cruz. The talk show ends with presentation of Pancadão band Forro, formed by EU.

Reporters Forest project is carried out by FAS, com apoio da Samsung, Bradesco and Amazon / BNDES Fund.

Watch the program:

Listen to the spot of community radio Samsung on the launch of talk show: