Three community States hosts the first meeting of Reporters Forest

23 of May of 2017 - Bordering the cores Assy Manana, em Três Unidos, e Agnello Bittencourt, in Tumbira, part of the first communication exchange held in Rio Negro APA


Santos Netto

The community hosted in Three States Last weekend the First Meeting of Reporters Forest, an initiative of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) em parceria com a Samsung, Amazon Fund / BNDES, Bradesco, Coca-Cola e Marriott. The purpose of the event is to increase the knowledge of the project participants in the areas where they work every day in their communities: radio, tv, writing and photography.

They participated in the first edition students from communities Three States and Tumbira. besides them, The meeting included the participation of Clayton Pascarelli journalists, Ruthiene Bindá, Edilene Mafra, Nauzila Campos, Cristiane Batista, Izabel Santos and Eliana Monteiro, who received the mission to meet the communication project in the Amazon and exchange experiences with participants.

Journalist Clayton Pascarelli for Exchange | Photo: Net Santos

Journalist Clayton Pascarelli for Exchange | Photo: Net Santos

The journalist Clayton Pascarelli said he met Reporters Forest project for about 1 year.

“I heard the communication project when I was talking to the General Superintendent Virgilio Viana regarding projects. To explain my work so that young people can create their profiles, or even develop an activity based on what I taught, that to me is fundamental, That's awesome”, concluiu.

About content addressed, young people attended the lectures on the challenges of reporting, the radio news, entertainment program presentation, the importance of producer, newspaper articles, reports in the Amazon, image consulting and communication through social networks.

For the journalist Ruthiene Bindá, the event was very productive.

“I loved to know this project, participate in the First Meeting of Reporters Forest, I hope the entertainment content has become clear, in the sense that here in the community all that is curious, the day by day, the jokes, the actions, crafts, can become a matter of video. They can take advantage of what we have, and spread throughout Brazil, to worldwide”, completed.

Opening Event

To start programming, students prepared a demonstrative presentation of the indigenous culture of Kambebas. The idea was to show the guests the evolution of the project participants during the training, with the transformation of the indigenous community of reporters.


For forest reporter Andrey Santos, representing an indigenous the opening, this time was very special. “I am very happy! It was very good to participate in this event. When he learned that would be part of the opening, I accepted right away and prepared every day to leave everything as rehearsals”, reported.

custom spaces

The meeting included many surprises during the day. One of the highlights of the Sabbath was the transformation of two community spaces symbols of each culture. For this, the organizers planned the creation of two environments: one symbolizing the indigenous culture, with greenery and items of Kambebas and other space representing the riverside culture, with many flags, em formato de ??quermesse??, place where the end of the program with a lot of regional music and even a river bath.

Still on the challenges to hold the meeting on the river Cueiras, Analyst on FAS communication commented that all the planning was done through phone calls with the students of the two communities.

“For the organization of these workshops, I needed to make the event script through phone calls and messages with students, managers and guests, it was necessary to stay in Manaus to close the logistics part. Everything worked! It fared better than expected, and that everything was possible with teamwork. They were able to understand more about communication and meet professionals they only saw on television”, Santos completed Netto.

We Odenilze Ramos was surprised by the structure set up to receive the Forest reporters. “The rooms were amazing, space honoring my culture made me feel at Tumbira, at the time of St. John. I made several photos and interviewed several people to update our school newsletter wall”, finalized.