In Manaus, Project “Enchanted street” seeks to educate parents about the need to play with the children

29 of May of 2017 - Event is allusive to the National Playing Week, held between days 20 until 31 de maio

Event celebrates National Week of Play | Photo: Familly Amud

It happened on Sunday (28) Ponta Negra project “Enchanted street”, which mobilized families from various parts of the city in mobilization workshops, scavenger hunts and games allusive to the World Play Week, held between days 21 until 28 de maio.

The event was an accomplishment of the organization Yupi, in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Ministry of Health (Sesame), and sought to involve the community with activities and games aimed at child development.

The action was the mobilization of the Early Childhood Program riverfront, which seeks to train agents to carry comprehensive care to children from birth to six years residents of Protected Areas (UC) do Amazonas.

“This event is very important for FAS, to be a continuation of the work we do with the Early Childhood Program riverfront, a demonstration to highlight the importance of play. The focus is to remember the family about the need to have time to play with their children, and the activity involved sought from the small, even older children, parents and all the family”, he explained Rhamilly.

They supported the activity Growing Space, English culture, Kids station, Febracis and the Early Childhood Center Alliance (Supper).

Celebrated in over 40 countries of the world, Playing the International Day seeks to show that play is a right and an essential joy for children and for people of all ages, as Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child UN.

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