FAS, Sejel and Fatarco celebrate partnership by Amazon Indigenous Archery Project

22 of May of 2017 - Agreement was signed during the eighteenth Meeting of Leaders of the Bolsa Floresta, which ends Friday (26) in Manaus

Titular da Sejel, Fabrício Lima, signs cooperation agreement that benefits athletes | Photo: Antonio Lima

With information from Sejel

In order to contribute to the popularization of Archery and strengthen the image and self-esteem of indigenous peoples of the Amazon, It renovated early on Monday, day 22, the agreement of the Indigenous Archery Project in Amazonas, a partnership between the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), a Secretaria de Estado de Juventude, Esporte e Lazer (Sejel) and Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco).

The agreement was signed by the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana, o titular da Sejel, Fabrício Lima and Carlos Galindo, who is president of Fatarco. The ceremony also included the participation of honorary president of the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), Socorro Siqueira. By meio da parceria, entities will work jointly to carry out the project activities, providing support in selection, monitoring and training of participants indigenous athletes.

Created by FAS in 2013, the project was approved in the Sports Incentive Law (No law 11.438), e conta com o patrocínio das Lojas Bemol, Fogás e Val Group, plus support Latam, Bradesco, Accor Hotels Educational Center La Salle College and La Salle. A ação apoiou de forma inédita a formação de atletas de alto rendimento e o fortalecimento da equipe brasileira de tiro ao arco para competições locais, national and international, including the Olympics in Rio.

“The partnership between FAS, Fatarco Sejel and ensures the continuity of a dream, which is to contribute to the rescue of self-esteem of indigenous peoples and traditional Amazon. With this support, We hope to see the project athletes arrive farther and farther, bringing achievements to their communities and to the Amazon”, said Virgilio Viana.


Through Project, Young people are accompanied, instructed, evaluated and trained in the posture of questions, coordination, force, alignment, anchorage, largada e follow-through, and follow training for national and international championships. Young people participated in the selective for the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The Dream Braga athletes, Graziela Paulino Moraes and Nelson were among the ten classified, but they did not get the job. Now, they participate in other championships and continue training to Tokyo 2020.

“This renovation brings a guarantee that we will continue to support, for without it there would not be viable to continue. With the partnership of Sejel, our athletes can live in the Olympic Village hotel, because through this they need not hosting community descolocar to the training and, so, they can have two hours of training, It is the morning and afternoon. The meals, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, advantages are also, because then they have no disbursement. Furthermore, by third, they can use the CTARA facilities for both training, as for physical and multidisciplinary team. All this gives physical and structural conditions for a high performance athlete”, said the coach Aníbal Forte, responsible for preparing the Project archers.

Hannibal also points out that the project has been chalking up important results, far beyond expectations. “I can say, with joy and satisfaction, that the evolution of the project is far above what we expected, due to the history that we have of the sport worldwide. An athlete to reach the level that our archers are, It takes four to six years. In two, three years, our were already at the national level, competing on equal terms, and they are now world-class athletes and are victorious abroad”, said.

The Training Center and High Yield Amazon (Selecting) the archers, as well as other high performance athletes, It has provided support hotel, restaurant, consulting medical and dental, academia, physiotherapy, massage therapy, nutrition, social work and psychology.

The six Project members, are: Jardel Cruz (Wanaiu), Nelson Moraes (Inha), Drean Braga (Iagoara), Graziela Paulino (Yacy), Gustavo Paulino (Ywytu) e Guibson Paulino, this technical auxiliary Last.


From 2013, athletes has managed featured in national and international tournaments. Since o dia 15 de maio, the athlete Nelson Silva (Inha, in Kambeba ethnicity), participates in an exchange with the Brazilian National Archery, at the invitation of the Brazilian Renzo Ruelle in Italy. The preparation is focused on the selective world, What happens in July, in Rio de Janeiro.

Do dia 24 May to 1 June, Aníbal Forte, Graziela Paulino (Yacy), and Gustavo Paulino (Ywtu) travel to Turkey at the invitation of the Turkish Federation for improvement.

Check the results:

Graziela Paulino, Yaci, etnia Karapãna –
Gold, 41Shooting th Brazilian Championship Arco com, double category, 2015
Talk, 8º Brazilian Championship Base, double category, 2015
Bronze, 8º Brazilian Championship Archery, youth category, 2015
Bronze, 7º Brazilian Championship Archery, youth category, 2014

Dream Braga, Iagoara, etnia Kambeba
Gold, 8º Brazilian Championship Base, double category, 2015
Bronze, 8º Brazilian Championship Base, youth category, 2015
Bronze, 7° Brazilian Campeonato Brasileiro Base, Mixed team category, 2014

Nelson de Moraes, Inha, etnia Kambeba
Gold, 41º Brazilian Championship Archery, doubles, 2015
Gold, 7º Brazilian Championship Base, Children's Category, 2014
Bronze, 8º Brazilian Championship Base, Cadete category, 2015

Gustavo Paulino, Ywytu, etnia Karapãna
Talk, 8º Brazilian Championship Archery, Category Doubles, 2015
Talk, 8º Brazilian Championship Archery, Youth category, 2015
Selected to carry the Olympic Torch in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016

Jardel Cruz, Wanaiu, etnia Kambeba
Gold, Amazon Indigenous Games 2013.